Hermes Crocodile Birkin, where can I find one?

  1. Hello,

    I am new to the `Hermes section, and would really appreciate some direction. I want to locate a Birkin Crocodile or Ostrich bag, and need to find an authentic seller. Does anyone have any suggestions ??? Thank you very much.:tup:
  2. There are reseller's on eBay (check the reputable reseller thread) but prepare to pay a large premium
  3. Thank you, I will have a try
  4. ^ITA. Since a limited amount of Birkins are made each year, and even MORE limited amount of Croc Birkins are available, they become a serious VIP item. For what it worth, fair or not fair, it makes them very coveted and near impossible to find at the store. Resellers manage to get their hands on them from time to time, but they mark them waaaaayyyy up to allow for the "gotta have it! nature of the item.

    That said, they are out there, just expensive. Good luck!! :tup:
  5. I know they are hard to come by but I've struggled with this premium issue for months. The croc birkins are a lot of money even straight from the boutique and when you add the 50-80% premium its just staggering. I've wanted the matte croc for so long and I just haven't been able to pay that premium.
  6. Just be so careful with a reseller-use the authenticity thread and your fellow tPFers keep u from making a costly :yes:mistake!!!
  7. hi i'would like to buy a birkin croco bag too ....
    what should i do i notice that they have a few but are they authentic ? Can i trust in this seller? THANK YOU
  8. Absolutely. They're just expensive.
  9. Thank You,

    Has anyone had any dealings with an e bay seller called hermes ? I really would like to know if her bags are authentic, as she has a bag that my girlfriend would like to get !
  10. Are you asking about Hermes** ?
    Questions regarding ebay sellers actually belong in the "Discuss eBay sellers" thread, by the way.
  11. If it is hermes**, all her bags are authentic. I have bought from her before. If I remember correctly, the first bag I bought from her was 8 years ago when she just started selling on eBay.