Hermes Croc Bags

constance said:
hermes uses 3 types of croc skins
porosus (a ^ beside signature)
niloticus (2 dots beside signature)
alligator (square symbol beside signature)

there's also lizard (equal sign beside signature)

Oh wow!! What is the main difference between those skins?
constance said:
go! go! go! it must be VERY expensive, but imagine how rare and fabulous it will be!!!
I agree with you. A black croc birkin with diamonds is very rare......
Let me look at my bank account first and see whether I want to purchase one. By the way, how much one with diamonds will be?? Does hermes' accept orders for birkin with diamonds for selected people only?? How many carats the diamonds are?? Very curious........:weird:
constance said:
porosus is the rarest and therefore most expensive
I agree with you. Porosus is very rare and for my boyfriend to spot one at Tokyo Hermes' store must be sheer luck!!!! I love porosus, the texture is so smooth and it never aged at all. It's heavy though. I cannot put too much things into the birkin. Most of the time I carry it over my shoulder.
^^ Agree, never say never!

Hey, I'm holding off on buying anything luxury of the sort until I get the Birkin. :smile: It's going to take sheer willpower, but that's what I have to do because I want it that badly.
Constance...thanks for all that wonderful pictures!! Helps us indulge our dreams, especially during moments of sleeplessness and on the occasional day when life is a drag!

Iffah...great choice for the pink croc. That would be such a great complement to your bicolor black croc! Great great piece! I love pink!

I've placed orders (if my SA opening up her little book and putting my name down represents that) for Pink Ostrich (32cm Kelly or 30cm Birkin...oh dear...can't recall...better check with her ASAP! Hahaha...) and a 30cm Croc Birkin in Rouge VIF or dark(choc) brown.

Personally I find the Ostrich more attractive in brighter colours while the croc would be fabulous in more subtle colours.
Thanks Constance...For now we have the beautiful pics which you have so kindly posted for our viewing and dreamy pleasure....

Are you planning on one of these long-term investments, if you have yet to be the fortunate owner of one?