Hermes Credit Note

Thank you Grands, I was thinking more on the line that if someone tracks an item to the store in Toronto, then I would do the leg work for them.
But I will check out your gold bag anyway. You never know.
At the moment they have (in bags, lots of other stuff of course) :-
40cm Grey with Silver hardware
35cm Forest Green with Silver
and the Black Polished Croc that I mentioned before which is a size 30cm.
Thank you all for your encouragement. Thinking about this problem again (after the Christmas rush and hols.) I think that the only recourse for me is to buy a bag and try and sell it somewhere.
Can any of you help with how I should go about this? I would say that eBay is out as I have no background in selling Hermes bags.
Or would I sell to a seller on eBay? If any of you have any suggestions I would be very grateful.
Many of our members here buy from eBay...I think you would be fine on eBay, depends on the bag, your feedback rating etc. You could also sell on consignment?

OR buy a whole lot of scarves - scarves sell very well on eBay.
I disagree here. If you're not a known seller of H bags it might get difficult to get the full price plus perhaps a profit for it. And in order to get what you paid for, the consigner would have to sell it for twice the price. Yes, it's possible (with Birkins) but it takes time.
The same with scarves - yes they do fly 'off the shelves' (virtually speaking) with known sellers and sell for full retail or sometimes over but in order to make a profit - nah... I don't think so.
IF you can afford to make a loss on this credit note, you might try to sell it for less than it's worth.
I agree C, but I wasn't thinking Dumby wanted a profit from the sale, just a way of getting rid of the credit note.

Shopmom - you're right - that would be a hell of a lot of scarves!! how FUN!!!!!!!
Have been away, and just to answer a couple of things. No I don't want to make a profit, you are right in saying Grands that I just want to get rid of it! And yes, I would even be willing to take a loss on the Credit Note but I have been in touch with Hermes and it must be cashed by me in the Toronto store.
But I am going to the store today to check out scarves etc. Maybe there is a Birkin that I could be sure of selling.
One lives in hope.