Hermes Credit Card wallet?

  1. I have never seen it, but it is really cute, I like it alot...very practical when you do not want to carry a whole wallet:flowers:
  2. It is cute!!! I saw another credit card holder at the boutique the other day. It looks like the miniature version of a compact Bearn.
  3. i am seriously considering this! i LOVE big bags, but my boyfriend always complains about them when we go out at night to bars and places (and i do prefer something small at night). i think this would be a great thing! has anyone ever bought from them?
  4. Yes! I've purchased two Kelly's (one 32 Chocolate Togo Sellier kelly and one Vintage toile/Box Kelly...the one in my avatar) and two Hermes scarves. Everything came QUICK, packaged beautifully, exactly as described! They are wonderful to deal with, fast communicators, honest and sell only the real deal. I will be purchasing more from them without a doubt. You have nothing to worry about when buying from the Boyz at Luxury-Zurich!
  5. good because i just got it!! i hope i get it soon, i'm really excited!
  6. YAAAY, Love Cam! Congrats! I love the color and I'm sure you'll use it a Lot! Have you visited their scarf site yet? I just bought a 16" designed by Clerc that should be arriving any day! I know you'll love your wallet....:flowers: :flowers:
  7. yeah rouge h is prolly one of my very favorite colors! thank you shop mom! i haven't visited the scarf website, but will definately check it out! do you know how long the shipping usually takes?
  8. i just got it and wow! i love it, it will be so great to go out with and maybe for once my boyfriend will like an hermes purchase! haha, oh and luxury-zurich is the best! such fast shipping and so professional- i will definately be ordering again!