Hermes Craftsmen Code ...

  1. I have a question about the craftsmen code on a Birkin/Kelly. We all know how there are resellers putting up these Birkin(s)/Kelly(s) at a marked up price for auction on eBay. I was wondering if Hermes are able to identify which Birkin/Kelly was sold to which customer according to the craftsmen code w/year production + all of the specs. e.g. leather type & color?

    Back in a couple of years ago during the Murakami trend / when the Multicolor line were first introduced from Louis Vuitton, they had limited edition bags that were numbered. I was told by my LV-SA that they had to blacklist some customers who they were able to identify selling theses pieces and that they will no longer reserve L.E. pieces to them. I do see the problem when these VIC/VIP are selling special pieces as brand new bcoz in order to get priority to purchase that 'IT' bag, you must be a loyal customer. And LV were very selective in selling which L.E. piece to whom back then. It is possible for LV to identify which bag was sold to which customer due to the numbering. For example, there were some bags that was made in 200 pieces only and numbered from 1 to 200 and let's say the 5th Ave store have #1-5. All the bags are sold, but a day or two it pops up on eBay. Therefore, it's just so easy to know who bought and sold this one. This is just my theory. But, who knows if this was 100% true unless you're an employee.

    Sorry for the long post, I brought up LV coz I see a relevance between it and Hermes. I know Hermes gets only a number of items in specific color and leather a year. Since, it's not in mass production, wouldn't it be easier for them to keep track of the purchase history? Anyways, does anyone know the answer to my previous Q?
  2. I don't think Hermes is quite as interested in resellers as discouraging fakes, because the market just builds and builds in value, but perhaps another TPFer would have better experience with that market :smile:
  3. I also thought what a great opportunity at the price the bags sell to track specific codes to buyers, but beyond type of bag, size, and price--I don't think that Hermes tracks any other info. I looked at receipts and they often don't even include color or leather type.
  4. Have anyone heard of a real bikrin bag with only the date stamp and no craftsmen code?

  5. Well ... I've seen bags with date stamp, craftsman code but NO aterlier letter. I guess they do so many bags a day that they forget once in a while.
  6. Moda: Hi - I have a box leather Kelly purchased in 2005 which does not have the craftsman's code. It has the stamp for the year of production. I guess they do forget from time to time - I didn't notice until I cleaned the strap one day and looked out of curiosity.

    j0lie: I've never heard of Hermes tracking the bags using the date/craftmen's stamps and I've been a customer for more than 15 years. I guess it's possible if they feel strongly about it. With regards to other specs, I've found the sales assistants certainly have a good memory about what they've sold to who, especially their regulars. But I'm not aware of a more structured tracking of the details of each item.
  7. Thank you to you both! I am thinking about purchasing a bag from a reseller with only the date stamp and wanted to make sure it was authentic since I have not seen a bag with the craftmen's code.
  8. The easiest bags to track would be the croc birkins... since these are usually only for VIP and very limited. So it would be quite obvious who sold their croc birkins on eBay...especially if it were in a rare colour