Hermes Constance vs K/B

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  1. Hey girls! Jus wondering if I shld try to score a Constance or a k\b ???

    Currently do not own any Hermes bags, Love all 3 , but I guess I can only choose one when I'm in Paris! N I know all 3 are as rare.

    Votes pls!
  2. When in Paris
    Let the sa knows your 3 choices
    The rest leave it to luck and fate
    Hopefully you get one of the above
  3. Thanks babe!
    Jus thought my chances will be slimmer for all if I appeared too greedy!
  4. you think too much
    Requesting politely
    Demanding for them are 2 different issues
    One bag per passport only
    Nothing to greed
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  5. If I were you, I would ask for a Constance as first choice. It is much harder to get one as a walk in or as a regular customer elsewhere because much fewer are made. If the SA says there aren't any, then request for the B/K. Say it is your dream to have one of these as your first Hermes. Good luck!
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  6. So u mean to say that if I'm with my husband, we can actually walk away with 2 ? A Constance and a B/K ?
  7. Thanks for your advice babe!
  8. You try and find out
    Let us know
  9. I think your chances are better if you both lined up separately
  10. If you're going with your husband, you can actually walk away with 2 or try one at different store. I scored a constant and Birkin when I was in paris with my mother. Good luck dear!
  11. constance* #typingerror :P
  12. Omg Ure one lucky babe!
    I will try den
  13. Did you score the b and c at the same time? I think maybe do it separately would maximise the chances .
  14. It's possible. My DH and I go together, I think it helps. You may want to check the Paris shopping thread for some additional info. Good luck!
  15. Yes, I scored both C and B on the same day but at different store.