Hermès Confessional...

  1. ...A place for random H-related confessions! Feel free to unburden yourselves here in the relative privacy (har!..*not*) & anonymity (:supacool:) of TPF.


    I'll start:

    * I never re-fold scarves along original folds.

    * Our four-year-old old son recognizes Kelly bags and the Hermes logo and colors. (shameful for us as we don't even like them to watch much television and adverts etc.:shame: ) Also troubling since I use to be so into _No Logo_ and Adbusters, etc.

    * I've cut and even once yanked care tags from scarves. I don't 'care' (bahdumbump) for them because I have to be more careful in my folding before wearing.

    * I'm starting to prefer many other H bags over the Birkin.

    *I'm borderline 'grailing' a non-H, a Sissi Rossi bag. If it were green it would have been a fait accompli... I'm drooling over the yellow all the same.

  2. I dried an Hermes scarf in the dryer today. :sweatdrop:

    (it came out perfect!!! :okay: But thats another thread!!)
  3. I love this idea, LB!!
  4. Only my DH and my SA know about my latest family addition. My GFs would scream if they ever found out. Have to break the news slowly. They already want to raid my closet as is!
  5. I turned down a 2008 Range Rover to insure that my H fix will be met within the next 2 years...my car is perfectly fine for now. What college student needs a weekend car anyway? Get with it dad. Haha
  6. My Kelly Longue is STILL in hiding. Its nearly a year.

    Great thread LB!
  7. I have a plume elan my husband doesn't know about, still in the closet.
  8. I never thought I'd say this. I'm losing my ardor for H... Nothing has replaced it; I just don't have the fever. :confused1:
  9. well i have some
    - lately i tend not to carry my b´s to places i know every other person has one too but for other reasons thn me kwim?
    - i once bought a bag just to find out many moons later i have the same bag already in my bag closet i just forgot about it :push::shame: huge moment of shame
  10. asa, you are not alone ^. I'm feeling the same lately. Not that I don't want several other Hermes bags and accessories (I do and realize I'd be very glad when I get them all or just some of them) but...I don't really care about going after them or making any special efforts in order to get them ASAP. I'm at the point where I kind of see clearly there is much more out there that makes me happy and content ^ and I'm liking it! Hermes vaccination worked ( I only hope!~).
    On a smaller scale I had a similar "thing" as lilac but with the scarves: I bought "doubles" on several occasions without realizing I already had those scarves.
    I often buy twillys just for the sake of having them as an eye candy without really wearing them...
    Quite often I pick non-Hermes bag when going out...having some of my Hermes bag still sitting in their boxes brand new :shame:.
    Also, I don't really know which scarves and accessories I have and where (I live between two homes/countries).
    One other thing: I do like some Gucci, Versace and Dolce&Gabbana silk scarves, not only Hermes.
    OK, that's it for now, I'm zipping it.
  11. I love other brands as well, and struggle sometimes with the cost of H,
    I think I would just like the necklace and my new kelly which is on order, then I am going to sell my other ones and just stick with that.
  12. I have two black Birkins, one black Kelly, one blue marine Kelly..... my DH thinks it's the one and same bag.... I do not correct him..... :lol:

  13. But I'm not even seeing anything else I want! I think I'm at a saturation point for now. Maybe something will come in that will get my blood racing.
    I should really just be grateful for a few moments of peace!
  14. Poor archie.:roflmfao:
  15. Love it Rose!