Hermes compact wallet or Chanel compact wallet

  1. Dear all purseforum's friends,

    I'm pondering on getting a new wallet. Although I have Hermes long Kelly wallet, I've not used it yet. I'm more like a compact-wallet-kinda-girl. I used to have Louis Vuitton compact wallet for 10 years. It was like a horse. It looked quite new even after 10 years. But I was tired of it. I'm currently using Prada compact wallet because of its low key look but after awhile I'm quite tired of its leather which a lot of cheaper brand names imitating it.

    Now, I'm considering between Chanel compact wallet and Hermes Azap compact wallet. I don't really like Bearn nor Constance wallets due to their H logo. I was interested in Hermes Kelly compact wallet as well but I don't think Hermes compact Kelly wallet has a slot for dollar bills. A few things I'm looking in to buying a wallet is as followed:
    1. A coin pocket
    2. A Dollar bill slot or two
    3. At least 4 card slots
    4. Compact size like 5*4

    It seems like Azap compact can fit the bill, doesn't it?
    Has anybody ever used Azap compact wallet (the one with zipper all around)? Does it look beaten up and dirty in short time? I'm not rough with my wallet but I plan to use it for a long haul like my LV wallet. And since Hermes wallet costs 4 times more than other brand names, I really need some suggestions from others. How about Chanel compact wallet?? I love Chanel lambskin compact wallet but I was a little turned off that it is fabric and not leather inside the wallet and I'm not sure how lambskin will hold up over time. Could you guys give me some opinion? Thank you!! kindly!!:smile:
  2. i also like a compact wallet- here is the results of my expensive "research"-

    the lv zippy coin purse in black epi leather- to stiff- holds a lot but hard to access and i don't love zip arounds.
    dogon compact wallet in vert anis clemence. amazingly beautiful and great for credit cards but hard to use the coin area-eventually i just kept sweet and low and a band aide inside the coin area and as hard as i tried didn't really work well for me. i think i may use it for cards.
    chanel compact wallet in caviar- i like it. soft and flexible. easy to get to coins and cash and a little area for cards. i don't carry many cards so it's fine for me.
  3. I have a chanel compagnon and I'm in love with it.

    It's just that well thought.

    There's a space for coins with a zip, then a few card slots, and other places for receipts and such and other for misc.

    I've looked out long for a good leather wallet and Chanel was the best. I have bought two wallets on chain and they're darlings. Easy to use aswell very well thought.

    My DB and me we jokingly say that Chanel is what Apple is to computers.
    Reliable and stylish.
  4. I have a compact Azap Zip in Natural Epsom that I think is somewhat rare since it has a window for your ID... Not often seen because the idea of leaving it in your wallet to show people isnt very "French", or so I was told ;)

    It's fabulous. I only stopped using it because I was using her every day and wearing her out, and she matches my natural Epsom Kelly and I was sure I'd eventually toast the wallet before the bag ever showed any wear at all! LoL

    It's a GREAT wallet. Pricey though... Ouch. DH gave it to me or I likely wouldn't have paid up for her. But if you can, fabulous.