Hermes Comming to Riverside Sq. NJ!

  1. According to the New Jersey Bergen Record, business section (3/24); Riversquare Square in Hackensack, NJ has scored Hermes to join their new "Shops At Riverside"!

    They didn't give an actual date, but it was confirmed by Hermes and Riverside Square. I am so excited and saving money now for my first Hermes Bag!

    A dream come true!
  2. Oh no! That means I'll have to start paying sales tax at Hermes! :crybaby: Bummer...

    But, on the other hand .... :yahoo:
  3. That's is a beautiful mall...perfect place for an Hermes store!
  4. Yippee! Another H in the NY Metro Area!

  5. Not if one buys from KOP.....
  6. Good news, but I was hoping for Princeton...
  7. Yay!!! Finally a convenient H store for me and i won't have to ride into the city!
  8. Me too....or even Short Hills.... I guess it doesn't make sense to me to put another H store just over the River from the Madison Mothership.

    Personally I was hoping they'd take up retail space next to the 7-11 and nail salon at my strip mall down the block...but oh well.....
  9. wow, that's nice! Riverside Square is such a nice mall, not too crowded, always my favorite place to go shopping besides the city!

    Thanks JoV - keep us posted on the actual opening date..thanks!
  10. Great news indeed! I'll be frequenting the new store for sure.
    The Madison store (nearest one so far) is quite a chore to get to. I usually lose a day just to get there and back.

  11. Can you imagine a Hermes in Princeton? I would be so looking forward to going to work every day even more but would be sooo
  12. ^^^ It would be the perfect place!
  13. Hermes NYC with, ahem, complimentary valet parking would do the trick for me. How far would the new H Boutique be from the GW Bridge?
  14. WHAT???? THats like 5 minutes away.
  15. It just straight down Route 4 West. 20 minutes without traffic. Pass through Fort Lee, Englewood, Teaneck, then it's into Hackensack - Luxury Goods Heaven.