Oct 17, 2020
Still having problems?
I am and nothing works anymore that I was trying.
I wrote to customer service and many days later they replied with a message and a phone number for technical support. Frustrated, I did not bother to call. I don't want to have to sit on customer support to try to shop. I just now checked again. Still not working. :sad:


Oct 17, 2020
I've been having issues accessing (US site) for few weeks now.
I thought it was my computer, but it's my iphone also.
I thought maybe it's my Google Chrome, so I tried Microsoft Edge and Safari, it's the same.
I then thought maybe I need to clear my cookies, cache and history, I've done this almost every other day, it is still not working.

The issue I am having is that I go on the website (US site), click on Bags and Clutches (for example), then nothing shows.
Exhibit A -
View attachment 5190106

Then when I click on the ghost image, I get the circle of death and unable to click on anything else except Hermes logo back to homepage.
Exhibit B -
View attachment 5190108

I thought I was tech savvy enough to get by, but I realized I needed professional help.
I submitted a request through their Contact Us page, and I received this email message.
Exhibit C -
View attachment 5190111

I called the phone number above, waited 5 minutes on hold and spoke to their Internet Specialist ("IS").
She confirmed that H is aware that a lot of customers have been having issues for awhile (she mentioned months), while I've been experiencing it for maybe 3 weeks now. IS stated that folks at Hermes are aware of the issue and have been working on it for about 1.5 weeks, but there is no set deadline to resolve the issue. I understand that there isn't much she can do on her end, but I wonder if we rallied enough fans to call the number to complain, I wonder if H would expedite the effort to resolve the issue. She asked if there was any item in particular I wanted to order, or that I can reach out to my SA to place an order. In my head, I wanted to tell her that sometimes while I am on some mind numbing conference calls, I check the website for some eye candy for stimulation and/or for purchase or updating my wish list.

Anyways, thank you for letting me vent.
Thanks for taking the time to write it all out. It's exactly the same for me and has been happening for over a month. I try on different machines/phones. I can totally relate on the long conference calls. It's my eye candy or seems to calm me down while on long work meetings. :smile:. We are not alone. I've given up on the problem (as it seems out of my control). I still check and am surprised more people are not retaliating.
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Jun 13, 2015
Dear ladies and gents: is it possible to order from the Spain (or other EU websites) and have merchandise delivered to a hotel? I vaguely recall someone asking this question, but could not locate it or the answer. Thank you in advance for your help ! :flowers:


Birkin Baby Yeaahhh!
Dec 28, 2007
Does anyone know if you can order from the Ireland Hermes website and get it delivered to London? TIA
Not any more and you might find it’s the same stock on majority of the euro sites with the exception of France. The only way you can get the euro saving is if you collect in store of what country you order from or have a delivery address in that country.
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May 29, 2015
Is anyone else having any trouble with the H website (US)? I feel like their site has been malfunctioning for over a week now (thumbnail pics not loading, “add to cart” button continually buffering). I asked my SA if she could acquire the hummingbird charm for me, but she said I could only get it online. Has this also happened with anyone before? She has been able to get me all of the other items I’ve asked for and is going to have them delivered to the store for me to pick up when I’m in town, but she directed me to the site to get my charm…which I can’t…because it doesn’t work.
It is majorly malfunctioning now I have noticed! Anyone else?
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Dec 13, 2008
North Carolina
The US site is in complete shambles right now.... anyone else? View attachment 5196199
This is how looks on my OLD ipad, phone, and work computer now....BUT - I have a new ipad that I purchased two weeks ago and I was excited to see that the website looks normal on that right now even though I could not see anything on it last week. Last week it was freezing me out on ALL my devices but now I can get in (ONLY) on my new ipad. Have no idea why. My first thought when I saw I could now view the site early this morning was that they had FINALLY fixed things but hours later I tried looking again on my work computer and it looked like your post above. I immediately pulled out my old ipad to see what that would do and the same thing happened. I just tried my new ipad again thinking it was a glitch and would be frozen out again but still can browse and even order if I need to. I honestly do not think they have any plan to fix it nor do they care. If they have software in place to stop resellers and little guys like us that love to browse in our free time have been caught up in the new system and restricted ....well...I have little hope that it will change.
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