1. Has anyone purchased off the site?
  2. yup, bought an agenda gm. easy and quick delivery. no problem.
  3. yeah delivery is quick, returns are not.
  4. yup, i bought a twilly an and an agenda...received them quickly but shipping is kind of a rip off
  5. I have purchased perfume, scarves, agenda refills and other things off the website and always been happy with them. I would rather go to the store but I live in a shopping wasteland, hundreds of miles from any Hermes....:crybaby:
  6. I've bought a few things off the website, its safe and all authentic. No worries
  7. I've Bought On The Website. Always A Great Experience.

    Is There Anything In Particular You Need To Know?
  8. Have not bought since they don´t ship to Finland