Hermes Colour

  1. This is my first post in the Hermes section, so I don't really know if there's already a thread on this anywhere - please let me know if there is. I've recently been dreaming about a Kelly and while I desperately want one, I won't be purchasing it for quite some time... but there's no harm in dreaming, right? Anyway, I thought a great colour to get would be the classic orange colour of the Hermes boxes etc. Does this colour have a special name or is it just 'orange'? Also, can you even buy orange Kellys?

  2. Hi Shallot and welcome!!! I see you're from Aus! Well, yes, Hermes orange is just called "orange", lol! Melbourne has the exact colour you're after in a 32 sellier Kelly! I think it's in the shop window, if I'm not mistaken. Are you located in Vic or elsewhere?
  3. Thanks Serenity Now. I thought they might have had a nice, exotic name for it but alas, orange it is.

    I'm sure the one in Melb is beautiful, but I'm actually in QLD and a loooooonnnnng way of from buying one :crybaby:Hopefully one day!
  4. aww don't worry im sure you'll get one some day I'll wait with u and welcome to the pf...
  5. Thanks :smile: I hope I do, it'll just take a few years. I don't want to unleash a Hermes addiction right now ;)
  6. Welcome shallot!

    There's also a slightly darker orange color called Potiron...gorgeous as well!
  7. Frenchiefan is right, shallot....potiron means pumpkin. It's a neutral orange, if you will....that goes with so many things. I feel you might like this shade too??
  8. Oh crap, actually my memory seems to be on the fritz, I think it's potiron in Melb. LOL! Still, close enough.. and a gorgeous colour also.

    Shallot, aww, Qld?? You have two H boutiques there.:happydance: Both with really awesome ppl and usually great stock. Don't worry, when you're ready for your Kelly, I'm sure it won't be a problem finding one there in Qld. You'll prolly have your pick of colours, if you're not too fussy with leathers.:smile:
  9. welcome aboard sweetie.

    Orange is one of my FAVORITE color. Potiron is not as bright as Orange. Both colors compliments any wardrobe and very versatile.

    Obtaining a Birkin/Kelly is a special moment. In fact it is a JOURNEY!
    It takes Cultivating and Patience. In my opinion, it is such a REWARDING experience learning the company "Hermes" history, and how, when, where a certain bag originates from. After someone learns and discover the world of Hermes, In time, a reward will pay off by owning one. It also helps for someone to be Professional to any Hermes associates whether it would be the stores doorman, SAs, managers..etc. It absolutely does not help going to the store demanding a Birkin or be-friending a certain SA just to get one!

    Im sure In time you will get the bag of your dreams, just like some of our dear pfers who got thier Birkin from selecting leathers, colors and going through the "Journey". It is an amazing experience. I, myself is in the process of getting one...and Im waiting for the day my bag arrives.

    Patience is the Key...and Im glad your not "ONE" of those people who cannot wait and demand "I WANT A BIRKIN/HAC/KELLY NOW!!!!" like a spoiled brat.
    This so-called demands makes me laugh, it just shows someones maturity and professionality. So, not Hermes-like. (Pfers..dont burn me on this comment...Its just my personal which we are all entitled to.)
  10. I call orange, tangerine? Delicious right?:graucho:

    Welcome To Hermes TPF Forum!:yahoo:
  11. ^^^^I actually like Hermes's tangerine better than their orange. It's a sunnier color.
  12. ^^Me too.
  13. Orange (well all of the oranges cause my untrained eye can´t tell the difference) is my favorite of the Hermés colours.
  14. Hello, I was in the tiny Hermes branch at Nice airport yesterday and I was asking about the different orange shades - I had seen the most vivid orange Ostrich Birkin in Courcheval the previous week. Anyway, the SA (who was French but very good at English, luckily for me) told me there were four orange shades in Hermes. Please forgive me (or perhaps an expert could correct me) if I make a mistake, I am working from memory and as always, I go into a sensory overload on any trip to Hermes.

    As I remember, there is 'Pitiron' (pumpkin orange) This is my favourite, such a gentle neutral orange. Then there is 'Orange Vif' - a lively bright orange - she showed me this shade in a clicclac bracelet - very nice and bright (they do a bright red called Rouge Vif too, vif means lively I think). Then there was 'Tangerine' (this was the colour I saw in an ostrich Birkin, very bright) and then a shade of orange called 'Cappucines' after a flower? I'm sorry, I can't remember what sort of orange this is, I think it might be quite subtle.

    I suspect that any leather called just 'orange' may turn out to be the 'Orange Vif' or possibly the 'Tangerine'.