Hermes Colour Groups

  1. OK, what I would love to do is a thread that we could all contribute to that names and describes all the H colours available, now and past. I realise GT has done this in the Informative thread, and there are pics all through the Info Thread that assist with this, but I would love to have it all accessable in one spot, with comparison pics if possible?

    so, I'll begin......


    vert cru - not being produced currently? the brightest green Hermes has done.

    vert anis - the current "brightest green"....will appear very bright and true to color in togo, clemence, box..paler in chevre and exotics - not dissimilar to...

    vert chartreuse - a "yellow" based green, just like the liquer of the same name. Fab when paired with palladium.

    vert amande - a medium shade, grass green. Blue-based.

    vert jasmin - very pale?? Eau de nil ??

    vert olive - olive green. dark. rich in colour.

    trying to find the colour name of the dark hunter green...........

    anyone else? I know we have red experts here!! and blue??

    I'll try and hunt down pics of the greens. If everyone could contribute, and then we can perhaps tidy the thread so it makes sense, and then post in the Info Thread?? What do you all think??
  2. Vert fonce=forest green
    vert pale=light green almost pale
    vert moyen (I've also seen this labeled vert clair on a swatch)=kelly green

    noir nacre
  3. vert amande in chevre, courtesy of Luxury-Zurich

  4. ccomparison pic: front birkin: vert chartreuse rear: vert anis - courtesy Luxwear
    hermes greens.jpg
  5. vert anis on croc - courtesy flossyfigaro

  6. You really do like your greens, don't you?
  7. Blues:

    Brighton blue - new colour?

    Bleu Jean - one of the most popular H colours. Lovely bright "sky" blue. Paler in croc.

    Thalassa - deeper blue.

    Navy - a very dark French navy, very effective in box calf.
  8. I do!! But I thought I would tackle the greens, and leave the other colours to the 'more informed' ladies!! I've started the blues, but I know squat about them, really!!
  9. Bleu roi
    Bleu saphir
    Aqua (can't remember if this is the actual name). So far only in chevre and in small accessories
  10. Brighton Blue on Clemance:

  11. Browns:


    Chocolate - looks like chocolate!!!! Rich warm-toned.

    Ebene....under blacks, greys or browns girls??????



    Caramel (should I put gold & caramel and the like under a different category??)
  12. chocolate in ostrich:


    choc in lizard:

  13. Natural sable
  14. gold in clemence - courtesy of Luxwear:

  15. I'm gonna clean this thread up and put all the colour together when we have enough. HG - you are SO good at this!!

    What I might do is take a small 'swatch' of colour from each picture, and put them in one post?????

    Where is Shopmoms Caramel Kelly??? hunting.....