Hermes colors regrets

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  1. Hi all:
    I don't know if this has been asked before and I did a quick search and don't seem to find one. I am certain that the moderators will help me if it has been already asked! Thank you so much.

    Here it is:

    What color you liked right away but then couldn't work into your wardrobe? For example, I like blues but had a bag and let it go.
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  2. bambou!! I just can't seem to make it work into my wardrobe.. might need to try harder
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  3. My Gold Club B. I was thrilled when I got the call. However I haven't been using it as much as I want to and go for my Gold B more.

    Also, Raisin it just doesn't work with my wardrobe :sad:
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  4. Etoupe! It was my first SO but I couldn't make it work for my wardrobe!
  5. Kraft and rose the
    I gave up lol
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  6. Blue Atoll. Sigh. So pretty but so bright and hard to work with.
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  7. Blue paradis... I finally found a scarf that was similar enough to tie my outfit together...about two years later!
  8. Suddenly rose tyrien seems very bright to me and I can't seem to wear it with any of my outfits...I go through phases with color though
  9. Lime / Kiwi - way too bright for me. Tried very hard to love them when the original Candy series came out.
  10. Blue Orage - I thought it would be an awesome neutral but then couldn't make it work and ended up feeling gloomy just looking at it - like an overcast sky
  11. I've never bought anything in etoupe but I suspect this would happen to me too. It's too brown to me.
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  12. Believe it or not, rose sakura!
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  13. Glycine..... Walked out of FSH happy with the K but regretted it as soon as I got home and tried to match with my wardrobe.

    Lucky I could change it to Bleu Indigo Contour which I love love love.
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  14. Rose Jaipur - too bright for me and hard to make it work with my wardrobe
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  15. Ah I've an Evelyn in this color and it's very bright indeed. I use it as a summer bag.
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