Hermes colors...history question for ya!

  1. All of the vintage bags seem to be black, brown Rouge, navy and once in awhile, gold.

    Around when did Hermes start introducing MAJOR color? When did seasonal colors begin?

    Were there fuschia and turquoise bags in the 60s...70s...80s...?
  2. Anyone??? :shrugs:
  3. FF--great observation; too bad the NY brigade is out at the moment--I'm sure HG would have had an answer to your question. My guess would be in the 1970s or 80s!
  4. Great Question FF. I'm very interested too.
  5. me too.
  6. I'm curious. But, I have no idea. Good questions.
  7. Great thread Frenchiefan. I'd love to know the answer too.
  8. Thanks everyone....I thought this was an interesting question too...but where oh where are the answers????? :shrugs:

  9. Such an interesting question indeed, and probably that's why none of us seem to have definite answers. I would guess in the early 80's is the answer though.:shrugs: