hermes colors and your own mini rainbows

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  1. I find that I am not a rainbow person in the "all colors of the spectrum" sense. I like cool colors that suit my coloring and my wardrobe. So I guess I am asking, are you ladies all colors or is anyone like me? For example I like and want (i do not own most of these but would like to ) :

    blue brighton, violet, raisin, blue sapphire, silver, fuschia, vert fonce and graphite

    Do you all seem to have a "palette" or is it anything goes color-wise? I wonder is it that older more conservative dressing ladies are more matchy matchy (like me!!LOL) --are the younger trendier ladies more diverse in their selections?
  2. I tend to stick with the pinks, purples and reds for colors.. or neutral ones like etoupe. I like how BJ looks in everyone else's pictures, but can't picture myself owning a BJ item because I do not like blue at all. Same goes for green. And I doubt I will ever buy anything in orange/yellow (except big orange H box!) because I think the colors clash with my skin tone.

    That said, I find myself being drawn to vert anis and turquoise nowadays.... Go figure! :lol:
  3. I am 33 and have always loved bright colors. Having said this, my H bags are: Black, Gold and potroin. Pretty muted colors to go with everything. I do get my accessories in bright colors as I love the POP factor. So~ I guess it is a matter of personal preference. Every H rainbow is a rainbow to me:girlsigh:
  4. Like Ghost, I'm drawn to more neutral, "boring" H bag colours (except BOTH of us have potiron picotins!)... and I like bright colours that aren't too dark for my rainbow. For example, while I adore rouge H, I find its personality a touch too "mature" or "deep" for my current rainbow.

    I started building around one piece - a rose shocking globetrotter. I bought 1 piece at a time, and was pretty deliberate about colours. I wanted variety, but found myself getting heavy on the pinkish colours (rose shocking carmencita and bastia coin purse, cyclamen calvi, violet PM karo), with only the lagon to cool them down, so I hunted down a blue jean mini Ulysse.

    I'm definitely hoping to own raisin (possibly a raisin Kelly wallet - when I can trick DH into buying me one!); have seen and loved pistache and curry.


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  5. ^^ p.s. wow - and Ghost and I are the same age, too!
  6. Thank you Piaffe for explain how you selected your beautiful rainbow. Do you take it out in the store to see how a new piece goes with rest? Would you consider adding something in yellow after you get your raisin?
  7. I love the rainbow look...
    I would love to see someone with bright bag
    and a dark/neutral rainbow.
    Such as: a vert anis bag and for the rainbow:
    a black wallet, etoupe coin purse, cafe key ring, etc.

  8. piaffe-thanks for sharing the photo.................i like how the potiron tones everything down but doesnt overwhelm it like classic orange might
  9. Interesting question! My rainbow is made up of H colors that I love. And if I had an unlimited budget, I'd probably have bags in those colors. But since that isn't the case, I find that I can enjoy H's gorgeous colors by having small pieces in my purse.

    I don't really worry so much about the color of my purse. If I had a brightly colored purse, I still would want bright accessories because one color still wouldn't be enough for me.

    My rainbow has changed so many times... and I think it is finally finished for a while!

    Its colors are vert anis, violet, turquoise, bleu brighton and orange (plus vibrato). I wish I were a "pink person" and could add rose shocking to the rainbow, but even though I love it for others I just don't think it's "me".

    Regarding your question about age, I'm diverse in my selections and definitely not one of the younger ladies.... I'm getting really close to 60. :nuts:

    Here's my latest photo that I took yesterday. Below that are two of my prior rainbows.


    This is my former rainbow. The Karo in Rouge H, while really a yummy color, gave the rainbow a
    look that is darker than I wanted.


    This rainbow had a blue sapphir Piccolo and bleu jean Ulysse. I replaced
    the Ulysse with the GM agenda in violet and no longer needed the Piccolo
    for a pen because I now can keep one in the agenda.

    I was using my Dogon pouch in vert anis and one in orange for my iPods
    but switched to the turquoise Karo. I keep those little pouches for when
    I'm using my Trim or Evelyne because two Karos is a tight fit in those

  10. Kallie, I love your pictoral history. Thanks.
  11. Similar to Hermesaholic, I look better with a cooler palette. I cannot do Hermes golds/warm colors and if it weren't for brown clothing I have, I probably wouldn't do browns either. I'm mostly neutral in my clothing so I rely on accessories to jazz things up w/the exception of black bags.

    Colors that work: Rouge VIF, Rouge Garance, Violette, Orange, Rose Shocking, Vert Anis, Bleu Saphir (in its brightest incarnation), Black, Raisin, Rouge H (the latter two being the most muted I will go in color). I swore off Blue Jean for the longest time (generally not a fan of blues--not enough contrast with denim), but now own a piece in it, and use it as a neutral bag....still not quite on board, but I'm working with it. I'm toying with the idea of Etoupe or Graphite as alternatives to black.

    I do see myself carrying bright bags when I'm older and don't attribute my penchant for them to my age. I saw a lovely older Asian woman awhile back with a Vermillion Kelly and a navy knit pantsuit, and she looked absolutely wonderful and elegant.
  12. Piaffe, your pics are always so lovely. I love lagoon more and more and your Ulysse just makes my lust for it stronger! :girlsigh:

    Kallie, I'm pretty sure 60 is the new 30 and the fun attitude that comes out of your posts proves it.
  13. Kallie Girl, very awesome. :smile:
    I like both, but I absolutely love
    your darker palette rainbow as well. :smile:
  14. I do *so* *much* research on tPF (and browsing in the boutique) that I actually know exactly what colours I definitely DON'T want. I then prowl ebay and lurk at the boutique, scoping out the remaining options. I consider those options, and just wait to get a sense of whether they'd work or not.

    I look for balance in the rainbow. Colours have to appeal to me, and work with the others in the sense that I don't want too much of any one colour or colour family. Thus, when I started getting heavy with rose shocking, cyclamen and violet (really colours I adore), the lagon needed a friend to balance them out.

    The outlier for me is the wallet. The wallet, when I get it, *must* be a darker colour because I am tough with my wallets. But still a fun colour.
  15. I have an extremely tiny "rainbow" at the moment consisting of one Ulysse TMP in orange and on agenda GM in framboise/orange. I hope to be able to add on a Karo in violet, raisin or etoupe in the near future.
    I will then start looking for a coin purse and/or a credit card case but I have absolutely no idea of what colours to look for - all Hermès colours are just amazing!