Hermes Cologne Advice

  1. Im a guy who has used Bel-Ami for many years. Im thinking of switch to Equipage, Eau d Hermes and possibly Ter de Hermes, any opinions appreciated. Hermes are my favorite fragrances, I think ive sampled at least 25 others, but keep comming back to Hermes
  2. I've heard Terre is nice.
  3. Terre is absolutely gorgeous :tup: I just bought it for my OH but I actually like to borrow it myself. Delicious!
  4. I just bought my DH Rocobar, it's really nice, but he's weird and lucky - every fragrance on him smells exactly like it does in the bottle. On me (and I think most people) my body chemistry changes the scent somewhat, so some things I like in the bottle don't smell as nice on me. :shrugs:
  5. I tried a sample of Terre this week, It was nice, not strong or "in your face" but rather mild woody-fruity. I found it in the womens perfumes.
  6. I'm all for classics that are unknown (so I like the older Hermes fragrances) BUT for men....Terre is absolutley divine! I am addicted to it. My DH won't wear cologne but I get him the deodorant....that's how much I love this smell.
  7. My hubby wears Terre.......Yum!
  8. If you loved Bel Ami Terre d'Hermes is probably slightly closer to that than Rocabar. Equipage has never really featured on my radar - sorry about that.
    You won't be satisfied with the more citrussy Eau d'orange vert unless you live in a very hot climate I suspect.
  9. I am a guy and I wear Terre, it is my favorite perfume!!seriously! I had never been a perfume person, however Terre D'Hermes changed my life!!(ok,I admit it is a little dramatic..:p) Now, I wear it whenever I go, even to school, I can't live without the scent of Terre, this is how much I got addicted in Terre.
  10. My vote is for Rocabar followed by Terre. Seriously considering buying Rocabar for myself. Corine Rothfield wears it!
  11. Looks like Terre is the most liked. Prob my next. Thanks!
  12. My fave is Poivre Samarcande and Eau D'Hermes. I also enjoy Terre D'Hermes in shower gel form which is very invigourating to use in the bath and leaves a veil of wonderful aroma in one's body.
  13. My fav absolute favourite Hermes fragrance is Hermessence Paprika Brasil. have 3 bottles :graucho:

    I do also like Terre, but I don't love it... however, the deoderant stick is great - and I like to layer it with another Paprika Brasil. I also love Comme Des Garcons' Man 2 and Incense Quarzazate to name drop outside of H :sweatdrop:
  14. Terre D'Hermes is TDF. I bought some for my DH (who also loves it), but I borrow it all the time.
  15. Terre seems to "capture" many of the forum members.