Hermes Collier de Chien bracelet

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  1. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [FONT=Arial,Helvetica][SIZE=-1] Dogs and alligators don't usually mix (just ask swamp-adjacent, poodle-less Floridians), but leave it to Hermès to create a harmonious hybrid with its Collier de Chien bracelet.
    Lowdown: Comes in all colors of the rainbow, with either gold or silver hardware.
    Price: $1250 for alligator, $890 for suede or leather
    At: Hermès boutiques worldwide, including 691 Madison Avenue, New York, 212-751-3181[/SIZE]
  2. Where is this from I wonder?? I love mine - not alligator but bleu roi with it!!
  3. Dunno, but it's hot! I never thought of myself as a CDC girl, but I'm dying for one now!!!
  4. GT I wore mine for the first time Thanksgiving day and dh loved it! Dd did not which was funny....I really like it a lot!
  5. I like them alot, and wear them often. makes a boring outfit a little more fun!
  6. Avan, may I ask which ones you have and how you wear them?? I kind of think I'd like a white one for summer...although someone mentioned they are heavy and hot in the summer...
  7. I wear them with other jewelry, but match the color of hardware to the color of the jewelry.
    I have white, blue, orange, black, 2 different reds, brown, I think that is all, but that is all I have handy right now! I may have 2 more somewhere.:shame:
  8. That is cute.
  9. WOW! Ava!!!!!
  10. I love seeing these bracelets on women. Very sexy!!!
    and maybe just a little naughty???:graucho:
  11. maybe....;)
  12. Bleu Roi is an exotic leather right?
  13. it is a color that can come in different leathers... mostly croc, or ostrich, and others as well.
  14. Shoot! Now I want one too!
  15. Wow Ava is right!! My bleu roi is plain leather...but the color is so pretty...