Hermes Coffee Table Book

  1. Does anyone know if there is an Hermes coffee table book? I know LV made one last year and Chanel has one. I saw an Hermes book in one of the boutiques sitting on a coffee table with pen marks all over it (nfs) but I have seen any available for sale. It would make a great Christmas present (for me)....
  2. Yes there are some, the actual boutiques, not all stores have them.
  3. That may be a little present for me from me.....
  4. La Beaute en Voyage (The Beauty in Travel) is a beautiful book as is Les Vitrines Hermes (The Hermes Shop Windows). The New York Hermes store would probably be a good place to start. has them as well, but they take awhile to ship.
  5. Ooh, that would be lovely! What do these look like? I'll have to ask my store when I'm in next.
  6. Sue, I posted a picture of La Beaute en Voyage in the Members' Items thread fairly recently along with my GPT. It's a pretty large book and shows various Hermes creations throughout the years. It's great to see some of the older pieces in there.
  7. Ugh ok.. lol. Now I somehow doubt my store will have any. That Shop Windows one sounds great!
  8. Thanks, orchids! I recall now that you had a pic up! Was it hard to find? Are these printed in limited copies only?
  9. Mine is coming hopefully tomorrow--I think HG may have shared some snapshots from the book awhile back. The Shop Windows is by Leila Menchari--the Hermes store window dresser. There is an English edition out there--but can be hard to find.
  10. HG knew I was looking for the book and let me know of the one in NY. I'm pretty sure they can find another one for you. The Hermes Shop Windows one was harder to find in English at least. Jaegerhomme was awesome in tracking one down for me--from the Hawaii store no less. Supposedly it has a little dent in it, but it'll be arriving tomorrow.
  11. Yay! That's great, orchids! I'll see if I can track either down in Aus first. I won't hold my breath tho, lol.

  12. I am a firm believer in little presents from me for fact there should be many little presents from me for me....:yes:
  13. ^^ LOL, I shall remember this when I drop by my H store to pick up some stuff. I shall see how many little orange boxes I come home with ...
  14. I also have a very rare, out of print copy of La Selle Hermes. I got one of the collector's editions covered in peau porc. Now the bad news, they only made 500 copies of the collector's edition and I just purchased the last copy in the US. They had to track it down for me and apparently it was the last US book. However, NYC is a corporate store and cannot look into the inventory of the independently owned stores. That would be the only thing I could suggest right now or call the 24 Faubourg store. I heard King of Prussia has a lot of books.

    It's cute! The collector's edition is available only in French, but there is a booklet with the translated text. It is about the history of the Hermes family and shows some of their most beautiful saddles.

    Uhm, did I ever tell you guys I'm a collector? I collect rarer Hermes items. So far, I've been lucky in finding my rarer pieces.
  15. HG that book sounds amazing! I have bought the Les Vitrines book but it is in French...the pics are beautiful though - an ostrich saddle even!!! I'll have to look for la Beaute one next..