Hermes coats - Fab or a waste of money? Your honest opinion sought.


What do you think of Hermes coats?

  1. They are exceptional and I have not regretted the expenditure.

  2. They are OK, but not worth the cost in the long run.

  3. Never had one, but would like to.

  4. Never had one, and dont want one.

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of Hermes coats. Have three, bought on sale , of course. (I love the "hunt". All very different - 1 floor lenth cashmere, 1 silk with a bold japanese kite print and 1 , well... take a look (not the best photos):
    Front Half Open.JPG Front.JPG Back.JPG Lining.JPG
  2. When you say summer sales, are you talking about the July soldes?
  3. If the style and cut suits your shape, I say go for it. I always break the bank on coats and haven't regretted it. I find Hermes and Chanel comparable in cut and quality, they are just fabulously luxurious.
  4. i posted this in the inventory thread, but for anyone looking for a steal, there's a very long gray angora type Hermes coat in the racks at Pandora in London. Consignment shop. Looks like new, 599 gbp
  5. I do not have an Hermes coat, but I do have a navy colored wool Chanel coat (similar quality compared to H?). I have never regretted it one single bit. It is really worth it.
  6. This is only my very humble opinion. I have 2 Hermes coats. neither bought by me. Both were given to me. I also have 1 Marc Jacobs and 1 Chanel. The Marc Jacobs and Chanel are adorable cuts, and make me look fresh and snappy. The Hermes coats both make me look like a bag lady. Very mature (read old) cuts. But, that could just be me.
  7. I should mention regarding my last post: I rarely wear any of these coats, so maybe I'm not the best judge of their fashion merits. the Hermes costs feel nice and warm though.
  8. I also have a few Chanel coats and I agree, Chanel coats are quite stylish. But,for whatever reason, I feel just that much more elegant and stylish in Hermes. Either way, with a little care - dry cleaning at least annually and proper storage - these coats last a very, very long time and seem to grow better with age.

    Haute Couturess - I too love Pandoras but find their prices much better on Chanel than Hermes. In the past at least, they had "an inside man" or woman, who worked there.

    For others who are interested, Pandora's is just a couple of blocks from Harrods. Pity the exchange rate is so awful these days.
  9. they do get some cute chanel stuff. lately slim pickings.
  10. They are not worth the $$$ in my view. When it is cold I too much prefer to wear my fur than a Hermes coat (I don't actually own one but friends do). They are not worth the money.
  11. It all depends on your style,and if you can make it work?

    I LOVE some of the H coats!
    H coat 01.JPG H coat 04.JPG
  12. :faint: duchess, this is beyond gorgeous. Your taste is exquisit and your photography sensationel.

  13. I don't think you can really draw comparisons to furs because there are many places you simply cannot wear a fur......such as London
  14. duchess, :yahoo: Very nice! :smile:
  15. Mooks, why no fur in London? Climatic or political reasons?