Hermes coats - Fab or a waste of money? Your honest opinion sought.

What do you think of Hermes coats?

  • They are exceptional and I have not regretted the expenditure.

  • They are OK, but not worth the cost in the long run.

  • Never had one, but would like to.

  • Never had one, and dont want one.

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Dec 21, 2006
Now that summer is over, those of us in the midatlantic start thinking about a coat, but not too heavy a coat. Hermes seems to have a number of interesting cashmere day length coats every year, but they are very expensive - less than a fur, to be sure, but two or three times the cost of a comparable Max Mara. For those of you who have had one, whats the verdict?


Feb 18, 2008
I am guilty of having a few. I will only buy their coats that have LINING!! It seriously drives me crazy when they make these coats without a lining. The result is static cling. ARGH. So this year, there is little to choose from, so I am safe. I have however, purchased a few of their fall/field coats. These are IMHO a much better buy. You can wear it in the fall and early spring, plus they are only about 3k or so. Easier on the wallet, better wear, etc. When it's cold, I prefer my fur or other coats that fit better. So in general, I say the heavy coats are not really worth it. Buy a field/car coat for about 3-4k and use the rest on other things.


Little Miss Birkin
Apr 29, 2007
I think as long as you pick the right style, an H coat can be quite timeless and classic... something that you can definitely wear time and time again for years to come. I am not a fan of wool, because I get itchy all over just by touching it. I've had some luck with H cashmere coats though. I've had a few that are 100% cashmere, and besides from being quite light, they are warm and itch-free. H styles are also pretty classic, not really seasonal, so one coat can really last you a long, long time.
Sep 12, 2007
I was never into H RTW because of the cost and the design. But I've always wanted a beige cashmere coat that's classic. I finally found it. But I realized it was camel hair and hence the "cheaper" cost (about 5K). I don't care. It's lightweight and warm. I love it. It's a classic. I haven't worn it yet because it's 33 celsius outside ;) Honestly, I have a cashmere-wool mix Max Mara and its appeal didn't last. I think you can't go wrong with classic cashmere coats, H or not.

Here's a pic:



Vache Vixen
Jun 28, 2007
AB Ranch Montana USA
I would definately go for an hermes cashmere coat in a classic never go out of style cut. Although furs are warmer, I think a well cut cashmere coat can quietly take you more places. Best of luck.


Jul 4, 2008
Off into the sunset...
My vote? Wait until June, 2009. Head to Paris for the summer sales--this is when the winter ready-to-wear appears, including coats. Save $$ and have a wonderful trip to Paris.

Oh--and please promise not to blame me if you take this $$ advice and do not find anything!!!!

Or research the US sales and their ready-to-wear options! The coats that I have seen are fabulous--but I would try to find them at less than $$$ retail. Just my humble thoughts...

Haute Couturess

Black CDC Kelly pls!
Feb 26, 2007
I second Perigord ^^^^^ I always see tons of ready to wear and coats at the sample sales. I wonder why nobody is buying this stuff compared to the bag sales? I know that for myself, when I see a wool coat for $3,000 or more, it seems a little insane, even to me who loves her handbags. Leather - maybe. I don't think I'll ever buy a wool coat for $3k.


Jun 23, 2007
This is my favorite - it's from fall 2003 and I still love it. It's reversible cashmere with a hood. Black on one side and camel on the other.



May 8, 2006
I have an outstanding Hermes winter coat that I actually bought at the sale. The craftsmanship, hand stiching of leather details on it is phenomenal. It was 100% worth the purchase and still looks new.
May 6, 2007
I have three Hermes coats--all cashmere. The oldest is from 2000. They are stunning --are all very different--yet I wear them interchangeably--and incredibly warm...........I dont though find the in between season coats (fabric trenches etc worth it)


Always A Princess
Mar 15, 2006
Hermes makes some of the most beautiful coats I have ever seen....I always look during the sales.....I will eventually find the right one (or more!)....
May 17, 2006
h rtw is never a waste of money ! i am a huge fan and agree with the others if you go for a classic style in cashmere wool or vicuna you can not go wrong

Haute Couturess

Black CDC Kelly pls!
Feb 26, 2007

LOL I was watching A Perfect Murder last night on TV and Gwennyth was wearing soemthing very similar to this. i was almost licking the TV it looked so yummy.