Hermes Clutch with Belt Loops?

  1. Does H make a clutch with belt loops? I'm looking for something that functions like this LV clutch:
    (Unfortunately, I really don't like the monogram canvas and LV doesn't make this in other materials.)

    My Japanese supercatalog shows something called "Pochette Green" but it looks too soft. I think it needs a bit of structure so it's less like a fanny pack. KWIM?

    And if there isn't such a clutch, does anyone have a rec for a small bag or clutch that would basically dress DOWN an outfit? My idea for an upcoming event is to make a Phillip Lim silk dress more casual...

    Thanks for any info or suggestions!

    (Sorry, so many questions today...)
  2. sorry, as far as I know I don't believe Hermes makes any clutch or small bag with a loop for belts.
  3. Ah actually I know that they made a belt looped Dogon travel bag it has a belt with it as well i belive... definately will dress you down.. Plug in an eBay search for Hermes Dogon under eBay stores and you will see one in black TOGO I'm pretty sure it's still there... Good luck!
  4. You can wear a Dogon wallet on a belt. That is the reason why I bought it.
  5. You can also wear a Kelly Danse as a messenger bag, a belt bag or a shoulder bag
  6. you can wear a Dogon wallet on a belt?? could someone please post a modeling pic? thanks
  7. There are different types of the dogon wallet. I will take pics of mine...i have it in BJ with the loops but it does not come with the extra pouch inside. I have used it as a clutch and as a waist pack. Works great for both. Fits some money, credi cards, lip gloss and my blackberry!!! Perfect for a day out...without kids....
  8. I have the Dogon Combined, i will try to get some shots of it worn on a belt.
    All you do is open the wallet,slip the flap inside your belt. Fold flap over belt,and close the strap that closes your wallet.
  9. I have a barenia waist pack/clutch with belt loops. It's not a dogon, but I forgot its name. I love to thread a carre through the belt loops for a fun look. I don't have a modelling pic, but I will try to take one for you in the next day or two.
    waist pack.JPG
  10. Here are a few pictures for using the Dogon on an H belt.
    dogon1.JPG dogon2.JPG dogon3.JPG
  11. this forum really does have a wealth of knowledge....thanks for all the great info ladies =)
  12. Thanks! The dogon looks like a great option. I'm planning to stop by my local H this week... will let you know how it turns out!

    I'll check out the Kelly Danse too (if they have)...

    Licence -- your barenia clutch is what the Japanese catalog calls "Pochette Green". ??? It's TDF! Do you use it often?
  13. ^ Thanks for the name, Beaumonde. It's really a handle piece as I also use it as a wallet for my 20cm and 25cm smaller kellys when my other H wallet doesn't fit. These are not the best pics, but I took them this morning to show you the carre vs belt look.

    IMG_1634.jpg IMG_1636.jpg IMG_1635.jpg
  14. Looks so good on you.

    The ones in the catalog were togo so were so smooshy. This looks amazing in Barenia. Let's see what the boutique has!
  15. thanks!

    I never really thought about the dogon wallet but now I think I have to consider getting one of these.