hermes clutch in bazaar january issue

  1. Page 214. Black clutch with silver details. Does anyone know how much it is? Has anyone seen it in the store?
  2. Do u have a picture of it??? can u scan the page??? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. Is it the Medor Clutch -- the one w/ the hardware like collier de chien?? If so, I have seen one in the store around the holidays, but was sidetracked and never looked at the details. I have Harpers somewhere around here....
    Okay, Whoops!! My January HB doesn't have even 214 pages, but does have a picture of the Medor (white w/GH) which is why I thought of it. So I am sorry to confuse everyone!
  4. Oh yes please! I don't know where my mag is!?!
  5. I was just thinking about those as my secret weapon. Figured I could get one, easy. Now that they're going to be "all fashionable" it might take forever! LOL
  6. Is this the clutch you are talking about (I tried scanning it but can't really work my scanner properly so the quality of the pic kind of stinks!:shame:smile::
    Clutch 001.jpg
  7. Yes it is! But it was black and silver. So so beautiful...
  8. That's beautiful!!!:love:
  9. That's the one I WANT!!! My Sa said it may be a special, limited item and to get it while I can.

    But I can't.
    Cause I need a Bolide.
  10. wow very nice!
  11. I have been dying to buy a clutch recently. There are so many different ones to choose from -- can't make up my mind.
  12. How many different styles of clutches does Hermes make? Is there a reference item on this? Thanks.
  13. I belive you meant this one?!

  14. Gorgeous clutch! Saw this one in a magazine and it!!!
  15. Does anyone know how much they cost???