Hermes Christmas Gifts

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  1. So, are any of you giving Hermes as gifts this year? I'm thinking of getting my Mum a set of the 4 little ashtrays to display on her dressing table (yes - she still has a dressing table.....!) they're great for jewellery, or just to look pretty!

    I wanted to get DH a wallet, but he vetoed it - says he's too hard on his wallets (I said perfect reason to get an Hermes one, but no...)
    I also wanted to get him a fabulous black cashmere zip sweater that they have in the store, but Christmas is in the middle of Summer here, so it kinda seems weird :weird:

    What are you doing?
  2. Ooh...K....I want to be on YOUR Christmas list!! :yahoo:

    I haven't given a scarf to my assistant in a couple of years, so I will likely do that. I also will be getting a couple of small things for good clients.

    I like the idea of the cashmere sweater for your DH, even though it is out of season. He has it to look forward to when July rolls around!
  3. I'm getting DH a tie. Can't decide which one. :sweatdrop:
  4. And he's so cuddly in cashmere!:love:
  5. Funny you should ask...I just started today. Got a Chocolate Bearn for my sister today.
  6. CB - I KNOW! There are SO many gorgeous ties......*sigh*
  7. Well......I thought a wallet for Dh but he doesn't need one, then I thought an agenda but he doesn't use one, a belt but he doesn't wear them, a tie....ditto, no on cuff-links, no on pocket-squares, no on cashmere (too warm), no on clothes (wears jeans)........:shrugs:

    so I guess that just leaves......ME to buy for!!!!! :wlae: :wlae:
  8. Lol, D! That's perfect!!!
  9. The only H gifts I will be buying are also for ME!!! So far one enamel bracelet and one heart cadena --
  10. I have bought so far:

    (1) an Arceau watch with a silver grey face and black barenia strap
    (2) 24 Faubourg Noel silk/cashmere carre
    (3) 2 x silk neckties
    (4) a mini Ulysses in indigo togo

    ... none for me! But hopefully I'll be able to wangle an enamel bracelet or two out of one or more recipients before the season's through! :sneaky:
  11. I have bought a few Noel pocket squares for my friends so far....
  12. After I asked the SA for wallet suggestions for my DH I decided on the one below. It's in Havane Veau Evergrain. It arrived today at our office and is just such a good looking wallet.

    DH couldn't wait to use it and brought it home tonite....and has all his cards, etc transferred and it is ready to go out with him tomorrow:smile:

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  13. Isus, that's so nice!!! Love it!

    K - I'd love to get DH the Hippo tie:graucho: so cute!...but I'll probably get him something more conservative.
  14. Susi, that's a gorgeous wallet......I saw one last week in SF when I was thinking about one for my DH and love the color and leather. Fabulous!!!!!
  15. I was thinking about this today...a scarf for my dear mother for sure...DH wants a money clip...will have to look about the store this weekend...