Hermes China

  1. I have a quick question. Does Hermes discontinue a China pattern? I really love it but I'm thinking of buying some over a span of a couple of years.

  2. I believe so. This would definitely be a good question for the manager of your local boutique, just to be sure!
  3. I don't understand how to buy china from Hermes. In my local boutique there is a very poor selection out, compared to what i have seen posted here. Is there some kind of a catalogue to see all the different lines? LIke there is a leather book?
  4. Yes. There are brochures for each porcelain pattern, catalogues, etc. so you can order.

    You can also order Puiforcat through your SA. They'd love you forever for that order.
  5. They don't keep alot of it out. I asked about teapots and was told they had different patterns in the back.
  6. I bought a little Hermes china ashtray, even though neither of us smoke. It was painted with a lovely pattern of a lion licking the ear of a lioness, so pretty! Lions are OUR "special" animals, so this was an anniversary present for my DH.
  7. REALLY??????!!! OMG, i have just found a justified way for both me and my possibly bipolar SA to become very close, lol...just kidding, my SA is very nice but who can figure out what is in this SA's mind!
  8. I am a total rookie in the "H" China department...but, I'd like to be it's forever what is Puiforcat? Is it a pattern? A Piece? Are there pics??

    Sorry I don't know :sad: