Hermes China..lets have a tea party.

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  1. okay ladies I have decided that since I never got wedding China...that its TIME!

    I am looking at Hermes and really want to start with a tea set....get a tea pot, cups, etc etc

    then build on with the rest.

    I love the colored Toucans and the Siesta.

    Who has Hermes china and how do you like it? durable? lasting, etc

  2. For a second, I thought this thread had something to do with a get together in China! Sorry!:p

    Love to hear people's experiences with H china, however.
  3. GG,

    What a fantastic thing to start collecting. I am a china fanatic (I have at least 10 different sets of china) and the pattern I collect from Hermes is the Balcons du Guadalquivir.

    Call me nuts, but of all the H items available, the china is my favourite. I buy it a few pieces at a time because 1) it's pricey 2) it gives me a good excuse to go to the H store 3) I have a very nice collection of orange boxes going and 4) if you can't find anything else to buy, you can always buy another piece of china to add to the set.

    It's durable enough to be used everyday. I used to put it in the dishwasher but my SA has advised me that it will last longer if I hand wash the pieces...

  4. my husband was sitting behind me and said he really really likes that pattern!

    I am confused. I like the colored toucans...the Siesta and the red is really growing on me.

    so confusing. so beautiful.

    I like the idea of that too....collect a little at a time...and gives you excuses to get in the store, etc

    thanks for posting!
  5. I have a cup and saucer that my DH gave to me for Valentine's day. Its a beautiful cup, but since its hand wash with gold trim its very high maintenance. But I love it anyway...
  6. I have a few blue chaine d'ancre pieces i received as a gift, and I love them. I want to get more but my local H store never has any. But definatly worth it!!
  7. Another thing I like about this pattern is that all the pieces are the same colour but a different pattern. For example, the bread plate comes in a set of 6 different patterns...


    After I complete this set, I do plan on starting on another. H china is so beautiful...
  8. it really is beautiful.

    I just do not want high maintenance or delicate. I need durable...

    I think I might have to do a tea set in one pattern...and my china in another. I just need to select carefully. so hard. they are so wonderful
  9. Tea party!!! I am there!!!!

    I have just bought four teacups and saucers from the Balcons du Guadalquivir range

    I am just starting my collection of H china, I use the teacups everyday, as do my DDs.
  10. Birkin123, that is my fave as well. I want all the bread plates!!! I almost got the vase, but then the scarves were hard to resist!
  11. OMG rose, I cannot tell you how many times I have almost bought that set off the website....

    If I am on a scarf ban, is a china ban automatic?????
  12. well, if you think of it as a necessity....
  13. Hmmm, yes, after all, it is housewares, really.....
    I really love the plates, too. I really need this. I want to start my mornings off right...Like the rose family!

    Ggal, which style of cups do you and Mr prefer??
  14. CobaltBlu,

    Why don't you start off with one cup and saucer? Don't ask me why, but tea and coffee just taste better out of a Hermes china cup....
  15. ^^^ I agree CB, even my 6 year old agrees.