Hermes, Chicago

  1. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of trying my luck at H in Chicago. I've never been there and was wondering what their stock is like. Has anyone here had luck buying a Birkin there. Any SA recomendations? Feel free to PM about SAs. TIA. :flowers:
  2. Chicago is fantastic! When I was there, they brought out Kelly after Kelly, and Blue Jean HAC! Needless to say, it was beyond tempting, but more importantly, they were fantastic to work with! So friendly and helpful! I worked with Maurice and hope to go back to him when its the right time! Good luck!!!!!
  3. Thanks, jag. I will certainly have to get in contact with him. **keeping fingers crossed for a well-timed Birkin delivery when I go next month***
  4. Oh please keep us all posted! I have to say, that I have only heard good things about all of the SAs at Chicago. I just happened to work with him, but they are all wonderful! I hope you find the birkin of your dreams there!
  5. Please keep us posted......I am in Chicago also and would love to know which SA you use.....I plan to purchase a 35 cm gold togo birkin with gold hardware.....let me know how your luck would be so appreciated.....thank you so much.....
  6. I was there on Oct 19th and found them to be very friendly. At that time, no Kelly/Birkin to show me, but who knows, maybe they had some in the back for known customers. They did show me many other bags. I bought a pair of etoupe gloves that I love!
  7. I was there a few weeks ago. Eleva took the time to show me a number of items and was as gracious as could be. I didn't buy anything, but I will call her the next time I'm looking for a fix.
  8. okay, everyone. I will let you know what I find there.
  9. I bought my Bleu Jean Birkin/HAC 32 :love: there a couple of months ago. Jag:flowers: had her hands on my bag the day before I bought it.
  10. I love that you have that HAC! It is just the most beautiful color ever! I was kicking myself that I couldn't buy it- but so glad it went home with such a wonderful person! :love:
  11. Great SA Peter, always Maurice, Caroline.
  12. hi all, sorry to bore you stupid but if you missed one of my previous posts my DH got my GP with bolduc pattern lining in Chicago. he said the SA's were great and even so patient with him whilst he had a transatlantic call with em about if i wanted a GP or a picotin and did they have a picotin in barenia? definitely a good one.
  13. Chicago is fantastic. I work with Caroline and she's a sweetheart.
  14. I think I worked with Linda...that was over the phone...I sent my cousin in for me and that's where she got me my JPG in Rouge Garance...SO...they were pretty nice there...however, they didn't go that far out of their way for me once they realized that I wasn't actually 'walking' into the store...

    hehehe...Still got my bag anyway...and LOVE IT!
  15. Hello everyone, i'm a bit new to some of the jargon, can somebody explain to me what a HAC is? And also is there a "secret password" that you need to know for the sales people to bring Birkin out. A few times that I dared to venture into the Hermes store, at the mention of the Birkin bag they almost laughed in my face , you'd think I was asking for them to get me a star from the sky.