Hermes Chicago SA ......

  1. I hope this is OK to post here ...

    I went to Hermes Chicago today, as I have been doing everytime I go to Chicago since I have found this forum :p ... and there is one SA that is SOOOOO nice and friendly every time I see her, but I cannot remember what she told me her name is ... and so I was wondering if anyone here knows her name:shame: She is really thin with long brown hair and always wears this little messenger type bag ....

    As soon as I wear my PHH down on Hermes, I would like to deal with this SA ... right before Christmas my daughter and I went in and she wasn't there but there was a Kelly I wanted to look at and the most horrible SA took it out but wouldn't let me even TOUCH it :wtf:

    Thanks everyone!!!
  2. Hmmm, Is she youngish? (20's early 30's) with wavy hair? That could be my SA Caroline. There is also another brown haired SA in charge of the ready to wear upstairs, she is 30's to 40's.

    Edited to add...yes I think it sounds most like Caroline and she's got a very sweet, bubbly disposition. She's great to work with.

  3. Oh Thanks!! yes, I think that is her! definitely younger :yes:
  4. Which Kelly had you looked at in Dec?

    You would really enjoy working with her, she's very sweet & friendly. Her specialty is scarves,ties & Jewelry I think but I've bought everything from my Birkin to twillys, porceline and a coat from her. She even gave both of my daughters a little perfume bottle necklace when the visited.
  5. Ok, the Chicago store has been on my mind for the past 30 hours or so. I've bought two small items from two different SAs, neither of which has been mentioned by name. My buying has been by phone, so perhaps that's made a difference, but my experiences have been more than a little disappointing.

    First, in October, I wanted a Ulysse PM with Photo insert. I called on a Friday, and the SA told me they were in stock and I asked for an orange one. I left my contact info and credit card number and hung up elated! The following Thursday, it had not arrived, and I just buzzed to find out when it had been sent. It turns out the SA had forgotten all about it, and needed my complete address and credit card info all over again. It arrived the following tuesday via FedEx with a $20 shipping charge she hadn't mentioned (no real complaints there), but I felt badly that my tiny $250 purchase had been completely overlooked.

    The following month my husband and I visited, and a lovely SA introduced herself and gave me her card. We had a long conversation, and she showed me so many great items and gave me flattering comments on my Bolide. A week and a half later, I called her and ordered 2007 agenda inserts. She didn't remember me or our conversation, but that was no big deal. The inserts arrived promptly, and I was thrilled.

    Yesterday, however, I called the same SA to inquire about the possibility of buying a 31cm Bolide in a particular shade of chevre. OHMIGOD. I got the third degree. How did I know about chevre? Why did I think I could get one at Hermes Chicago? How did I know what the price was? (I opened our conversation by mentioning I was a regular at the Hermes boutique at N-M Troy, but the selection there was limited). Also, she wanted to know who told me that prices might go up soon?

    Honestly, It felt like the Spanish Inquisition. "Sorry ma'am, I just felt like blowing $5400 this afternoon. My apologies for inconveniencing you or wrecking your world view." I knew I didn't dare tell her that I really wanted the bag to give to my mother on her 84th birthday, because we know that only men are allowed to buy Hermes bags for women. If women are buying them, then they must be doing it to resell.

    Eh, maybe I'm overreacting, but I'm not really known for my sensitivity. I felt her questions were way out of line, and if there was somewhere else to get Hermes bags, I'd definitely go there. As it is, I'll probably be calling back on Tuesday and handing over my credit card number once again.
  6. By the way, I apologize for my lengthy rant. If anyone has any suggestions on what I can do to help myself have a better experience in the future (and get a specific bag!), please let me know! I'll be grateful :smile:

  7. No, you are not overreacting, people should follow through.

    Ouch that sounds terrible, but I hear with that boutique it is hit or miss.
    I can't believe that they overlooked your purchases, I've PM'ed you my SA from that store, hopefully it is not her that gave you such terrible service.
    Good luck finding the purse you totally love!
  8. I'm thinking about going to that boutique in Chicago next time I'm over there. Can you PM me too the name of your SA? Thanks!

  9. It was an Orange one ... well, I thought it looked more like Potiron but ... she was NOT nice AT ALL! When she took it out of the case I went to hold it - kind of wanted to see what it looked like ON, ya know - and she pulled it away and set it on the counter but never took HER hands off of it ... when I went to TOUCH it to unlock it so I could see inside, she AGAIN pulled it away and opened it herself ... I turned around and walked out. :yucky:
  10. yes, there is a nice young brunette working at hermes that was glad to help me... very pretty bubbly and will definitely buy from her some ties or cologne im there again. I a 19 year old guy... so its awesome that she helped me. But I dress nice and had a YSL and prada shopping bags so maybe that helped...
  11. I have a great SA in Chicago.
    PM me if you want her name.
  12. I LOVE shopping at the Hermes Chicago store, and prefer this store to just about any in the USA. I am so shocked to hear that someone had a bad experience there! They are so friendly and not snobby at all, has been my experience. The tall, thin, younger (about 28) lady is Caroline. She is the scarf specialist. There is a thin, short, greek lady in her 50's named Eleni - she is nice too and knows alot about the old scarf patterns.
  13. I absolutely adore Caroline. She is the best.:yahoo:

  14. I would love to contact some of you. I'm moving to Chicago and need someone who loves Hermes and otherbbrands as much as I do! :p

    But my experience was aweful there. I was wet from the rain and wasn't dressed mega fancy due to the rain and not one SA greeted me or even spoke to me once. But the clearly wealthy woman who walked in behind me had them swarming her. I'm an 18 yr old guy and I was intending to but a Ulysses
    But after that I was so angry I left!

    But I went to Ysl and the lady was amazing! Idk her name but she is a pretty black lady in her forties maybe?
  15. I love Eleni!! She's the greatest and very down-to-earth. :tup: