Hermes Chicago anyone?

  1. my hubbie is off to the US next week and although he will be in Orlando (!) for week 1 he will be in Chicago for week 2. in my quest to send him to as many Hermes stores as poss is the Chicago one good? do they have a good bag selection???? (He was in Prague today but said the Hermes store was quite small and not many bags). So no Hermes bag for me today. ....
  2. Chicago gets in some very nice bags but not a TON because it's a smaller store. The good thing is they also don't sell as fast, so you can often find a Kelly or Birkin sitting on the shelf. They may even still have that Orange Ostrich Birkin sitting there that my SA keeps telling me is there. They have been getting a few Rouge Garance Birkins lately.
  3. Oh wow. Sounds like that's the place to be hanging out, lol!
  4. thanks a lot both. will send hubbie with wishlist!
  5. i will def stop by when im there the first weekend of oct. does anyone know where exactly it is?
  6. it's on michigan avenue. right?
  7. Here are the address and phone number:

    110 E Oak Street
    [SIZE=-1]Chicago, IL 60611[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1](312) 787-8175
  8. Pazt, to respond to your question, Hermes is off of Michigan Ave., right by Water Tower, I think.
  9. How long has that Hermes been at that location? I can't believe I never even noticed it the 4.5 years that I was there ...:hysteric:
  10. The hermes bouitque is located at the correct addrees, however the streeet is also names Marlyin Muglin Way. Where are you planning to stya st that I can give you the correct dirction? Are you plan one walking or using a taxi to get to the store> I am very familair with this area I haev been there all my life? These people will have you walking into the lake.
  11. Really? I still count five streets to be crossed from the Watertower: Pearson, Chestnut, Delaware, Walton, Oak. Maybe you think I should have said four blocks instead? And my map indicates that indeed it's still just under a block from the Drake Hotel which is on the other side of Michigan Ave. Here's a link to Google maps: Google Maps
  12. It is about 4 to 5 blocks. I walk the street all the time all the time and I don't count the blocks. You are right.
  13. it is about 4 to 5 blocks north from WT. I walk the route all the time and I don't even look at the street. I have been doing this all my life.I know the short cuts to get there. I don't want husband to get lost. There are always a lot of questional looking poeple hanging around loooking to steal. So it is always best to know where you are going and move quickly/ Especially when you are shopping in a high level pricing district. I don't loiiltier. Get in and out .My husgband know where the stores are located and he has alot of street smart and wisdom.
  14. Smart move, dentalfloss! I only know the route up Michigan Ave. My husband has a favorite room on the sixth floor of the Park Hyatt directly facing the top of the water tower - it seems so close you can touch it - and so I've trekked those five blocks many a time. In my mind, absolutely everything in Chicago is oriented in relationship to that tower.