Hermes & cheap outfits: post pictures!

  1. Great thread and great looks everyone! Most of my clothes come from regular high street chains.

    allaboutnice, that looks amazing for 1.99, how you have the patience to rummage through Primark though I don't know... my local Primark is always like the worst jumble sale.

    Not sure on the total cost of my outfit, most likely under £100. Jacket from River Island, T-Shirt from Debenhams, Jeans from Miss Selfridge and shoes from M&S

  2. :woohoo:
    Love this thread!!!
    Here's a couple of me...all tops are from Banana Republic or Old Navy. :biggrin: Jeans are American Eagle.
    DSCN2534.JPG DSCN2086.JPG DSCN2525.JPG
  3. I sure hope no one took a picture of me just now. I have a bad cold and after a sleepness night and a long day at work, I went to get my hair cut and to get thai food for dinner wearing an old teeshirt, a disgusting fleece, jeans, and a birkin. The hair and the birkin looked good - everything else was revolting.
  4. I can relate to that, shelbygirl! While we were in CA, I was feeling unwell but I dragged myself out of bed to go to SCP. I was in capri-length sweats & an oversized white polo shirt, with not a bit of make up----shopping in FAB stores while looking crazy bad!:wacko:
  5. Fantastic idea!!!! Great contributions from everyone.. looking at the pics alone one would NEVER guess the thread title :p
  6. Fun thread!!!
  7. Pants & shirt from tkMaxx clearance (were about a fiver / each) - the rest is vintage H.

    DSCN2519.jpg DSCN2513.jpg
  8. Maryg1, :urock: Thanks for starting this thread!! I love this thread!! This is my kind of thread as my clothes are the cheapest. :p
  9. OK, here is a great buy of mine! $39.95 cotton eyelet blouse from Steinmart. A souvenir of my trip in the Spring to Florida. I love eyelet! This is my Constance in gold chevre with palladium. This is the Constance with the gusset so it holds more...H or course:p what a fun idea for a thread!
    Other Hermes bags 003.jpg
  10. Thanks all for your compliments! :love::love:This thread is growing exponentially! Can't wait to see more from all the lovely tPFers! Everyone looks fantastic mixing their H with high-street!!!!
  11. Awesome thread -- great photos, everyone! I love mixing high-end pieces with less expensive items.
  12. Great thread. Maybe the mods should rename it as per rushka. Personally I save my money for H part brought on by the fact that its so hard to get designer clothes in non "skinny" sizes and I hate to give my money where its not appreciated. Designers MAKE BIGGER SIZES!!! jeans are all $35 levis from Kohls and then a mix of J crew jumpers and T's and going out tops from Elie Taharhi sample sales and a few other random bits thrown in. Its so easy to mix and match and look amazing and these pics prove it!! Someday I'll be brave and post a pic.
  13. misssA, friponne, crochetbella, audreyII, allan, and mree43,
    you guys are rocking!
  14. Maryg1- Awesome thread !!!! and everyone looks fabulous!!!

    I love picking up cute tops or sweaters from H&M or BR (Banana Republic)

    1. BR long cardi bought on sale for $30, BR hat for $4 and J Brand bought on sale $60

    2. old hat, Chloe trench, and $20 H&M legging.
    G_P1.jpg IMG_3772.jpg
  15. I clicked on this thread *wincing* and thinking, "Here it comes... a bunch of snooty ladies are going to be posting pics of celebs carrying H-bags & wearing dirty, torn sweats and giving them hell for it." Alas, what a refreshing surprise! I LOVE THIS THREAD! I don't yet have my first H, so no pics from me (yet) but you have all made me feel so comfortable. I am NOT model thin, and I am NOT celebrity rich (not even close on either count,) but I do have an obsession with PURSES. (And jewelry, and scarves. Why else would I spend so much time hanging out on TPF?) Most of my wardrobe comes from Talbots, Chico's, TJMaxx, and Marshall's. Thank you all for showing off that one doesn't have to be a stick, or have a million dollars, to carry a beautiful high-end designer bag! I can't wait to see more of your pics.