Hermes & cheap outfits: post pictures!

  1. Looks good and comfy!
    The bag looks pretty unique... maybe one day you can post a front shot of your bag?
  2. [​IMG]

    Last night going out to celebrate my wedding anniversary

    $20 top
    $25 skirt
    $65 shoes
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  3. Thank you DizzyFairy! I posted it in the Vintage Bags thread a week or so ago. Still trying to confirm the name of the bag, but so far no luck so I have to keep calling it a "Camail" for now.

    Beautiful! I tried on some shoes like that because I really liked the lace up idea, and they looked terrible on me! So sad! Because they are so cute and they look great on you!
  4. Super chic with a lovely pop of color from your B! I loved your shirt so much, I had to get one too! Thanks for sharing! :love:

  5. Wow!!! You look fantastic. You have a great eye!

  6. Great
  7. Love love all your outfits when paired with different Colours of bags give such a complementary effect!
    Looking like a million bucks without breaking the bank!
  8. I was torn between those two too!
    Eventually I came across the black box and I still want a gold as it is a real classic and very neutral and subtle.
  9. Thank you sweetie - you just made my day!
  10. Memorial Day outfit ... $36 Zara dress inspired by UpCloseAndStylish

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  11. nice! :smile:
  12. Nice!
    I have the same shoes in tan color. They are so comfortable!
  13. $40 dress from foxs ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466961678.037712.jpg
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  14. I really, really love this thread! It just prooves that style is not about money. It is more about wearing clothes with poise and attitude. All of you, ladies, look beautiful! Good clothes do not need to cost the world. E.g. when I shop in Zara or H&M, I usually look at the material (does it contain cotton, silk, linen, wool or other natural materials)? And how is the fit (especially important when you are online shopping and can´t return the item back. That´s why I alawys ask for the measures). I only buy a handbag once in a year and always save money for it. :smile: Rock your Hermes bags! (Hopefully I will also have my first one soon) :smile:
  15. Adding to this great thread. From my archive, Ebene B35 with inexpensive sale finds. Tory Burch cashmere top, Tory Burch belt, Eileen Fisher wool skirt, Donald Pliner leather booties, and Nordie cashmere-silk shawl.