Hermes & cheap outfits: post pictures!

  1. love the color. So beautiful
  2. Hbr: Thanks babe!
    LovetheLux: Thanks sweetie! :hbeat: Forgot to mention the color is Rose Shocking xoxo
    anpanmanlover: Thanks hun!! :hugs:

    Here's a few more from the past week :P

    Pic 1: No brand shirt from Italy; J Crew statement necklace; H&M jeans; Rene Caovilla flat sandals; Kelly 32 in black box calf

    Pic 2: Zara tweed top and pants; vintage necklace; Chanel brooch; Staccato crystal cut-out flats; Birkin 30 in Rouge Casaque Togo

    Pic 3: H&M jacket; no brand leggings; H&M sneakers; Kelly 32 in Gold Epsom

    Pic 4: Monki black overalls; Hermes lisse porosus croc belt; Rene Caovilla flat sandals; Birkin 30 in Rouge Casaque Togo
    z04.jpg z10.jpg z05.jpg z06.jpg

  3. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I think I need a wardrobe overhaul after looking at your pics. Lol!
  4. You are too kind. I'm sure you look fabulous! :graucho::graucho:
  5. you have an amazing style!! :smile::smile:
  6. Thanks sweetie that's so sweet of you!! 😘😘😘

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  7. prefer the second one :smile:.

  8. All your looks are smashing!! And your bags are very lovely!!!
  9. Thanks sweetie you just made my day! xx

  10. so lovely! if you had to pick one between Kelly box calf and Kelly gold, which would you choose?
  11. Definitely the black box calf. It goes with everything!!
  12. Marvelous pics! Love that Zara top!

  13. thanks! really wanted to hear that since I'm considering between the two.
  14. Happy to help! If I could only keep one bag in my collection, the black one would be it. I think I'll need a black B too!

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  15. About as low and high as it gets...

    H- vintage purse, scarves and Behapi
    pleather leggings- Athleta
    vest- bought long long long ago from Express (like 20 years ago)
    shirt- walmart (Shhh....don't tell Mr Bcat....)

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