Hermes & cheap outfits: post pictures!

  1. We've seen wonderful pictures of our ladies wearing Hermes and great clothes, but not all of us can afford to match their Hermes items with Chanel, Louboutin, Gucci or Prada.
    So, pls. share with us your pictures of you rocking your Hermes with cheap outfits!
  2. I begin:
    Hermes Fleur de Lotus twilly
    Zara cardigan - 12 euro
    Lee jeans - maybe 40 euro??
    Max & Co. shirt - 35 euro (that was expensive IMO)

    & very messy hair
  3. Restricter, I love that picture of your cat!
    And your jacket, very nice!
  4. Jacket from Anthropology sale ($9.99!!!!!! )

  5. :nuts: 9.99? That's a steal!
  6. I think I can trump your jacket Rose

    Primark dress, £1.99 :biggrin:

    (only in price though - your jacket is lovely)


  7. Show off :P

    You look amazing.
  8. Maryg1- Awesome thread idea!!!!:tup::tup:

    Lovin' the "Look for Less" ladies. You all look great! It is all about the accessories isn't it!!
  9. oh, great pics!!
    I will have to post some pics because I am all about H with cheap outfits!!
  10. This is great!!! I am all about cheap too. I am so cheap!!! hahhaha...
    Except when it comes to H :P
  11. Well you can't really see my cheap outfit because I was being a contortionist in front of the bathroom mirror...but I am wearing a Chico's top, bought on sale, and a pair of JC Penney jeans. My bag is a sable Trim 35.
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    I like high and low end for both clothing and scarves; here are some old pics:

    Carre en Carre GM c/s with H & M inspired Leo Leila

    Leo Leila with dark brown silk bebe dress

    Leo leila & ebene CDC with novica horn necklaces and banana republic cardigan

    A lot of times I live in lululemon yoga pants and tops: here is a pic with sample sale roberto cavalli python print denim jacket 75 usd; and another yoga pant pic with etro cashmere shawl.
    DSC01282.jpg DSC01376.jpg DSC01476.jpg DSC02112.jpeg DSC02115.jpeg
  13. .. the buttons alone can retail for that price ..
    .. what a steal .. looking great rose.

    allaboutnice .. can't beat that look - you look like a million(£) .. lol

    cool thread maryg1!
  14. 880, that scarf was such a good deal!!

    Jeans £15.00 , Zara shirt £10.00
    cheap 1.JPG