**Hermes Chat**

  1. I'm sure you loved Gus beyond life itself, etoiie de mer....especially because he was a rescue and found such a loving home.:smile:
  2. Our cats are so self-confident, they have no problem :smile: I love retrievers, they are so smart and calm in the same time. Do you prefer the lighter color of them or the almost rust? It's not the most important, they all are so nice and good...
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  3. Wow! 22? What a long life. Tiger was cute and had so wise eyes. I had to google the ocicat breed.
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  4. This crazy cold weather is finally going to break today.
  5. 5391C239-190D-4E5E-896B-9EB88CE5C24E.jpeg 37E3ED43-2354-4B6B-83CC-5782D8620566.jpeg DCD99988-B162-469B-939B-8F11C2599480.jpeg 16A3FE9B-1C3A-45BE-9D68-D1E932BF6EC0.jpeg 76E8E509-DA39-4BA5-B7E0-3921F6F8A0E0.jpeg This is where I was at a 8 days ago. I wish I was back there. Difference in temperature between Cancun and DC—over 60 degrees.

    I finally succumbed to a cold last night. I woke this morning; made steel cut oatmeal and tea; went back to bed slept for four hours.

    Tomorrow, I need to be out of the house tomorrow as my renovation continues and there will be no heat. They are moving the electrical box to make my house to code. The original owners of the house had a fly by night company finish the basement and they did some stupid things. I want a gas fireplace; so this had to be done.

    Other than the gas fireplace insert, new sofa and rugs, my family room ids done. The rugs are ready to be delivered, but I’m waiting till everything is complete.

    The books were printed in the 1850s. The bindings are just so beautiful. I rescued them from my FIL’s library when it was dismantled.

    This renovation can be completely blamed on watching too much HGTV.
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  6. Beautiful, EB! Both the sunshine and the renovation!
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  7. :heart:
  8. nuf, we're especially keen on pale goldens, but we love them all! :hbeat:

    I thought the very same, such an adorable and wise looking kitty! :heart:
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  9. Where’s the tumbleweed emoji?

    Has everyone had a good week?
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  10. It's been. . . a week, pursey! How 'bout you?
  11. It's looking like a good weekend for me. :smile: I had a health scare over the holidays and I was at the hospital numerous times for tests. With that, inevitably, I caught the flu bug. I just got over flu and got good news today that all of my biopsy results are benign. :smile:
    My C24 is keeping me company today.
  12. odette, what huge relief you must feel! So happy to hear you are healthy--enjoy your gorgeous Constance! It's such a happy color.
  13. Thank you mindi! I had been sitting on pins and needles the past 3 weeks and it is just a great relief to get some good news today.
  14. I have been in that situation, odette, and the waiting is absolutely horrible. I truly share your happiness that all is well!
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  15. Thank you! *hugs*