**Hermes Chat**

  1. Cold, cold. My furry girls have to be made to go outside. Of course I have to stand out there with them. I just never understand the search for the perfect spot. Just go! I’m freezing!
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  2. Pictures please!!!
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  3. Oh, TGG, you lucky girl! My best friends have one, too. Her name is Maggie and she's 10 years old. I love that girl to pieces! Might we persuade you to show us pictures???
  4. What a fantastic four legged menagerie on Chat! I’m down to just two fuzz balls, although Fluffy Kitty counts for at least three cats just based on size and amount of attention required. I think I posted a photo of her awhile back in the same pose as Nuf’s white kitty. Glad to see I’m not the only one with a cat who likes to let it all hang out!

    Hope everyone living in sub zero temps is staying warm and keeping extremities well covered! I can’t even fathom negative temps, much less double digit negative temps!!
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  5. Emily and Phillip seem oblivious to the cold. They like to go out and eat snow. I stand at the door and call them to come in.
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  6. Mabel too, lulilu! Silly puppers.
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  7. If MissP needs to go, she’ll go straight out the door. If if’s to check things out, maybe bark at a squirrel, she’ll back off when the wall of cold hits her. Sometimes it will be two or three tries before she’ll venture out. I’m also waiting at the door to let her in as I don’t want her to be out any more than necessary.
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  8. Hi guys,
    that is how we live :smile: Just a few moments of today...
    IMG_7909.JPG IMG_7914.JPG
  9. Nuf, that's exactly how it looks at my house, except all the 4 leggers are pups.

    Emma loves the snow and cold. I've had to keep her wrapped in warmed towels 3 different times because she stayed out so long. I'd use the hair drier but it scares her. Our temps aren't in the negative figures, but with the wind chill, it's darned close. Brrrr.......

    I ordered a couple of pillows from Maine on Monday and they arrived via FedEx today. On the flip side, something was sent to me overnight delivery on Wednesday via FedEx and it's still not here......it was shipped from a place 2 hours from me.
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  10. Oh, I want to rub those tummies!
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  11. I know, Mindi! But, I didn't dare write that. My own pups are glaring at me for just admiring the pictures!
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  12. LOL!
  13. nuf, I hope your kitty won't be too offended ;), as while that tummy is a most lovely fur-fest, I just want to jump into the pic with your dog! :love: :heart: :love: You have this household reconsidering our long devotion to the idea of getting another golden retriever when the time is right!
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  14. nuf, your babies are beyond adorable...so sweet and loving. They remind me of our ocicat, Tiger, who left us a few years ago at age 22, sigh TIGERjpeg.jpeg
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  15. werner, what a sweetheart! :heart: 22, wow, so lucky to have had your baby for so long! Reminds me of the orange tabby we had when I was teenager. He was a rescue we named Gus, loved him so much!
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