**Hermes Chat**

  1. Both the men's and women's finals were disappointing in that they weren't really competitive, but I am happy for Roger. He is so charming. And truly gracious, always.
    Also, father of two sets of identical twins! Yowza.
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  2. I took some pictures of Rocket this morning. He's such a handsome boy and a ham. :smile:

    IMG_0024.jpg IMG_0028.jpg IMG_0042 2.jpg
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  4. Here's my BV goodies. The second picture of the cross body bag is truer to the color. It's a special limited edition of the bag. I like the twist on the classic BV weave.
    The RTW is stunning. I am wearing the burgundy cardigan a lot!

    IMG_0023 (1).jpg IMG_0022.jpg IMG_0008 3.jpg IMG_0009 3.jpg IMG_0012 3.jpg IMG_0014 2.jpg IMG_0015 3.jpg IMG_0016 3.jpg
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  5. Here are my new to me Cabats.

    IMG_0044.jpg IMG_0045.jpg IMG_0043.jpg
  6. And last but not least, the bracelet and ring I bought in Vegas at the TPF National meet. This got me re-interested in the brand.
    IMG_0034 (1).jpg IMG_0036 2 (1).jpg
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  7. The kicker is all three bags and the RTW about the cost of a 35 Birkin. The RTW was 50% off and I did well on the new to me items.
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  8. Great choices EB! Love your Cabats
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  9. Ooh, EB, love your Bottega loot! The Cabat is gorgeous. Their sales are fantastic.

    Rocket needs to meet Fluffy Kitty. They are kindred spirits.
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  10. Ooooh, my favorite things! Pretty critters and bags and clothes and jewelry! Thanks, EB, I needed this!
  11. Lots of beautiful finds EB! Love the crossbody bag!
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  13. He has an outsize personality, too. He's a big snuggle bunny too.
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  14. Game of a Thrones!!!!
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  15. I want to borrow the dragons and turn them loose in the Hermes factory to make the craftsmen work faster.
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