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  1. hi guys
    I'm new to the forum and such a big fan of the H too
    Im recently got offer this backpack and still considering if I should get it. IF anyone has the same bag, please review if its functional, durability etc ...
    please let me know what you guys think :smile: thank you very much
    IMG_9506.JPG IMG_9508.JPG
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  2. This thread is really for general chat. Please consider starting your own thread to ask these questions, and try a search of the reference section for more info. Good luck!
  3. IMG_0259.JPG Lazy Saturday afternoon with sleeping beauty
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  4. And that's why they call it a dog's life....
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  5. Sad, isn't it, mistikat? The endless daily grind of being a beloved doggo.
  6. IMG_1500145408.848235.jpg

    Since we're posting pictures of pets in repose: Fluffy Kitty at rest with all her "fluff" on display. Such a hard life...sigh...
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  7. Fluffy kitty is impressive looking!
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  8. Aw! Fluffy Kitty is adorable :heart:
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  9. She is! There's lots of her to cuddle.
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  10. Lol! She's airing out. :smile:
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  11. Fluffy kitty! :love:
    I can, in fact, picture her getting stuck under a bed. :P
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  12. Kitteh! :heart::heart::loveeyes::loveeyes:
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  13. Fluffy Kitteh is a hoot, that's for sure! I've never had a cat who slept like that, with everything hanging out.

    Mindi, she has actually attempted to crawl back under the bed that she got stuck under, which makes me question her intelligence a bit. But she's cute, and that makes up for a whole host of shortcomings!
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  14. Yup, it really wears ya down. Need lots of naps to stay in tip-top shape.
  15. Federer won Wimbledon ! :heart:
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