**Hermes Chat**

  1. I'll post some pics this weekend of my Nordies loot as well as Bottega Veneta. I've fallen hard (again) for BV for myriad reasons. The brand experience is luxurious; there are NO politics and their sales are not crazy. And they have the best cardigans in the world. When they're on sale 50% off, they just become expensive.

    An example of a true luxury experience, I wanted to get a sample of the scented moisturizer. They had no small samples so they gave me a brand new tester full size jar. I did buy a gorgeous bag that day, but...
  2. Closet install is scheduled for next Thursday. Can't wait!

    I found a light fixture today for the closet.
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  3. I love living vicariously through everyone's Nordstrom hauls! The only thing I buy at my Nordstrom is FitFlops, and they rarely last through presale.

    EB, Bottega was my first love, and I still have my first bag, a Campana in Lima (Gris T). I would still buy BV, but I don't find their classic intrecciato weave to be as durable or amenable to maintenance/spa as most H leathers. I totally agree about their service and in store experience, and their sales are splurge-worthy.

    Ck, best of luck on the job hunt!
  4. BV doesn't have spa services? I'm interested in this coz me and the other guys at the Fendi Fellas thread are trying to convince another guy not to get a Cabat, because it costs around 7000 EUR. Just a little more could get him a Birkin or HAC, and the Cabat doesn't really perform well in the preloved market. But I understand his love for the Cabat. It is a beautiful bag, and if I had oodles and oodles of money I'd get one, too. :biggrin:
  5. I don't have pictures yet, but some of my favorites...

    Eileen fisher jersey dress...so easy to wear. Wore it this morning to meet with a recruiter. Added an H GM and grey flats...so simple.

    Missoni poncho...coming in the mail, so we'll see.

    Barefoot dreams cardigan... a must try if you don't have one.

    Jeans with a raw high-low hem. How do we feel about this look?

    AGL flats and pumps. Love my AGLs!

    Tumi backpack in fuschia. A bit of an indulgence! :smile:

    Jo Malone perfume set. Love the one I've tried so far. Any Jo Malone fans? Favorite scent?

    Bobbi brown palette because I really should figure out how to wear makeup a bit more than I do.
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  6. Preloved is the way to go for a Cabat. I have my eye out for another one.
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  7. ck, I have met you several times. You do NOT need to wear makeup. Just sayin'.
    My Mom loves the Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom perfume.
    Jeans with a raw high-low hem get a :tup: from me. I like any kind of reworked/tweaked denim.
    Great haul!
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  8. Three of my Cabats were purchased pre-loved in pristine condition. I keep my eyes open in the resale market for good deals. You do not buy BV at the boutique with the expectation of reselling and recouping your investment. Other than Cabats, the price point for bags is not punitive, at least when compared to Hermes. Birkins, Kellys and Constances are now ~$12-13K purchases when you add tax. I really need to think hard before I make a purchase like that. The bag I bought at BV was slightly North of $3K, not inexpensive by any stretch of the imagination. But the new bag is exquisite and fills a need.

    After close to 25 years loyal patronage, I am no longer a VIP or an IP at my Hermes. I don't blog or post on Instagram. I've requested specific bags from my SA and they have not been offered to me. I'm fairly certain the bag's I've requested have come in, they just went to other people. I don't get to the store much anymore because of the hassle and time to get to D.C. I'm not going to spend $12-13K on a bag that I don't need that does not make my heart sing.

    BV is 5 minutes away from my office.
  9. The bags have doubled in price from a decade ago. But do they give double the pleasure of a decade ago (at the new price point)? Not sure about that.

    It was so easy to bop into the Tyson's H. Downtown is a production. I wish the downtown store had some windows, some natural light. It's really enclosed.
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  10. EB, I agree ....can't say enough about Bottega Veneta. Their quality is wonderful and their bags so comfortable to use...I have a store quite near and they treat me like a VIP even when I just stop in to say hello, their service and treatment excells....their bags and luggage look good after lots of use and I like being able to be "under the radar" too. I am a long time devotee. Their service could not be better!
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  11. It takes me an hour to get to the DC store by metro or by car. I used to be able to walk to the Tysons Hermes from my office. It's just not feasible for me to go to the store during the week and I'd have to devote 2-3 hours to go there on the weekends and I do not have that kind of time to just browse.
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  12. I don't recall BV offering cleaning service on their bags, but possibly repairs. It's been nearly ten years since I last bought a BV bag, so I could be very mistaken.

    A Cabat might be one of the few bags that I would actually pay Birkin/Kelly prices for, brand new from the store. Preowned at a nice price would be even better, but I would spring for one brand new. My dream Cabat would have been one in Ottone, which was a burnished gold color, but those were made many many seasons ago.
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  13. I'm also a BV fan - my decade old ebene hobo is well used/abused and the parachute bag I bought last summer, to use as a winter workhorse performed admirably. They were both purchased on vacation in Europe so I can't speak of the after care or customer service, but I love how lightweight and durable the hobo is. The parachute is slightly heavier due to the straps and hardware, but still comfortable to carry, even when stuffed with anything from umbrella to groceries.
  14. I had a BV bag of gold metallic leather, a good size. I got it back in the day at a NM sale for $600. I was in heaven.

    The gold finish eventually wore off the bottom of the bag, but it was lovely while it lasted. Which is to say I agree with you, Ouija.
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  15. All true. It is truly an expedition to go to City Center. I think I was last there in March. It is not far from where I work but when I leave work all I want to do is plop on the couch and watch the news. Going to the Tysons area on a Saturday accomplished more than going to one store, lots to look at at Tysons.