**Hermes Chat**

  1. Good for you EB!
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  2. So glad you enjoyed it! :biggrin:
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  4. Henry and Mabel just PLAYED! Actual, mutual play-bowing and chasing each other! With wagging tails! (Until Mabel took her usual sneaky shortcut under the ottoman and bonked her head. :sad: )
    It was delightful. DH and I are chuffed.
  5. Isn't that just the best, Mindi? You got this HenHen!
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  6. YES, CG! It's like when child the first patiently plays four rounds of Candyland with child the second! Or so I would imagine. :P
    EB, that is very cool and very green and I am most impressed that you know all the numbers re home value and future savings! If you ever quit your day job and want to be someone's, um, PA and adult nanny and cook and stylist and financial advisor, I think I might have a gig for you. Er, asking for a friend.
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  7. Awesome!!

    Our house was recently hit by hail, so we are planning on new everything--siding, windows, roof, garage doors....it was a doozy!!
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  8. Good grief, Ck! Must have been huge hail and one heck o a storm! I hope insurance is buying you nice new repairs.
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  9. We are looking into the new solar shingles from Tesla, we have a slate roof on both the house and separate garage and I would like to use them in small sections as we repair the roof each spring. We only need a few sections to run the house, when we renovated we insulated and did all new windows and systems so it's a very energy efficient house. We would generate a surplus to "sell" back to the utility company.

    The slate roof is so charming and built to last another 50 years so I'm hoping we can just feed solar sections in over the next few season.
    I'm running out of spare slate anyway
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  10. And access to the bags and jewelry!:cool:
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  11. Mrs O,
    The quote for the Tesla roof was ball parked at $125K. At that point, the ROI makes no sense. And I'm not sure my HOA would approve either. The panel are going to be on the rear of my house, which faces directly southwards.

    CK, I'm sorry to hear about your house. That storm had to be terrifying!!!
  12. Mindi, I had to fess up. I'm not that savvy. The numbers I spewed were given to me as part of the initial proposal from the solar company.
  13. YIkes, hoping I'm onto something with using them in smaller sections but to be honest haven't found out much yet. We might be able to wait a year or two for the costs to come down. I'm excited to hear how yours goes. We don't have a HOA, in fact where we live people try to out 'eco' each other, you know competitive composting, urban farms, electric vehicles, zero trash households. It's exhausting sometimes, a new version of keeping up with the Jones'
  14. :lol: about the competitive eco thing! I'm all for being very conscientious about these issues, and I think we do a good job, but I'm not signing up for the zero waste program. Progress with a dash of practicality is what we shoot for!
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  15. MrsO, The $125K was for the whole roof. I'm not sure they can do a partial. One of the reasons I chose the brand and item that I did is because the technology and company's been around for 20 years. So my house won't be an "experiment." I want something that's set it and forget it--low to no maintenance.
    I did ask about a solar powered generator, but I was told the battery would take up an entire room in my basement. So we nixed that.
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