**Hermes Chat**

  1. Pics or it didn't happen!
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  2. OMG!!! Wow, Allan Sherman hit a chord!!! I don't think I've heard that for 45 years!!!
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  3. These kids today with their long hair and their tight trousers. . . .
  4. This announcement calls for more photos, Mindi, clearly. :smile:
  5. Tah-dah!
  6. She is actually even cuter than she photographs. If that's possible. And she loves to sleep on her back. And she's very, very soft. I guess we'll keep her. :biggrin:
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  7. She's a very lucky little girl. :heart:
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  8. She looks adorable and a little naughty at the same time (the worst combo lol). Love her!
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  9. She is both, lulilu! I am choosing to think of her as, er. "spunky" rather than naughty. And one kiss from that little blueberry muffin face and I've forgiven her everything anyway.
    A small growly conversation between Henry and Mabel this morning because Henry felt obligated to defend his chew bone. But there was no snapping, and Mabel seemed to respect what Henry was telling her and backed off--so DH and I are continuing our supervision only stance and letting the two canines negotiate the terms of engagement.
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  10. Mindi, any chance of a picture of Henry and Mabel together? The cuteness of factor of Mabel standing under HenHen is off the scale!
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  11. I will tell you ladies a funny story that happened this week.
    Tuesday evening I switched my normal workout from morning to evening. Big difference. Mornings, mostly middle-aged people. Evenings young people. So I was doing deadlifts (150lbs) switching off with another lifter--who was lifting between 400 and 460 lbs. Just practice for him. He was a really sweet guy--and one of the top 5 best looking people I've seen in the past few years. So when I was lifting, I was staring straight at him because the bench was right in front of me. All I could think to myself is how am i going to concentrate!!! :doh::confused1::biggrin: I'm old but I'm not dead. I need to get DD in there. All the young men I've met there are articulate, driven, intelligent and NOT jerks. The exact opposite of the stereotype.

    Oh and my goal is to lift 200lbs by my birthday in September.
  12. Not yet, CG, though I surely hope to get one! It's still a dance between them. Usually he either moves away quickly when she approaches, or--as just now--lunges at her snarling with curled lip, seeming ready to kill her (to be fair, she did jump on his head while he was sleeping). No physical contact was made, and the two are now peacefully sleeping within a foot of each other, so I am assuming this is all normal conversation for dogs. Stressed their mom, though.
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  13. Also, other big news Chez eb. We're getting solar panels put on our house. I'm signing the contract tomorrow. DH and I are putting our $ where our mouth is--we'll generate about 75 percent of the energy we use through the panels, based on last year's usage. The cost after tax incentives is about $25K, but it will immediately raise our home's value by $30K. Over 25 years, we'll save $61K in electric bills. The bill will go down to $50 per month.

    It's like planting 5 acres of trees, taking close to 4 cars off the roads. It's so freaking cool.
  14. The second ear is up! Such a precious angel you are Mabel :love:
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