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  1. Mindi, I love hearing Mabel updates! She sounds so cute. I love puppy chases. And Henry is being wonderful. Makes me smile.
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  2. So glad you were able to attend! Must admit, I often feel I'm on the wrong coast! Re puppies, I guess it's just a matter of telling them who is in charge! :P Last time I had a puppy I was 10. My older brother surprised me with one at Christmas that year! :heart:
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  3. Yikes! Just read! Totally new to me too! I don't have time to waste on this silliness!
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  4. Right? I was surprised to see how many people are familiar with not just the whole purse vlog thing, but these individuals in particular as well as their backgrounds.

    Pouring rain here. Forecast is rain each day for a week I think. I hope we get breaks of sun or I will be jumping off the roof.
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  5. I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoy watching makeup videos. I don't wear makeup myself but there's something about it that I find soothing. Maybe I have the same reaction to it as people who enjoy watching cooking shows. lol

    I know what you mean about the "should I keep it?" threads. I skip most of them, along with threads such as "birkin or kelly?", "which size?", "pop of color or neutral?", "this shade of pink or that shade of blue?", and my ultimate favorite, "DH gave me a birkin/kelly but it's not the color/leather/size/hardware/veining/stitching/aura/vibe/chakras that I want".

    The Paris thread is fun, and contrary to what a recent poster has said, I hope it doesn't close. Having been in Paris myself to do some H hunting, I enjoy hearing people tell their stories, whether they get a bag or not.
  6. lulilu, I'm with you! This spring/early summer has been so relentlessly grey. Ish. :sad:
    allan, LOL! I guess I understand the desire for others' opinions, but ITA: how can strangers possibly advise someone what color they want, what style suits them, or how their DH will respond if you return their gift?! :rolleyes:
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  7. It's been a whole week of Mabel madness! Today she and Henry truly played for a few minutes, with HenHen charging at top speed around the kitchen island, into the family room, around the ottoman and back again, while Mabel lurked under the ottoman and tried to cut him off. It was adorable. I am so happy and hopeful that they will end up good friends.
    Right ear still standing up; left ear still floppy.
    On the house-training front, today's score stands at Mabel: 4; Mindi: 0. But we'll get there.
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  8. So interesting, lulilu, I admit to being completely ignorant of all this! My social internet life is limited to here, and looking at a few instagram accounts occasionally. I rarely watch anything on You Tube, and the few times I've watched "unboxing" videos, they just seem so ponderous, and unnecessarily long, I've lost interest and left! I don't think I'm their target audience! :P
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  9. MrsO, thanks for the explanation! I figured YouTube had to be monetizing their content in some way. DD probably contributed a few hundredths of a cent to the YouTube-er, lol! Interesting that you mention people being called out for not reporting compensation, monetary or otherwise. I've always wondered if Hermes resellers report their income to the IRS, especially given the large amounts that they receive for a bag. Obviously the bigger ones that are incorporated or LLCs would have to, but for individuals, it would be easy to get away with not reporting income. Anyway, not an earthshattering issue, but I took a couple of accounting classes not long ago, and started wondering.

    Mindi, love the Mabel updates!! I'm so glad Henry is warming up to her.if he's letting her walk under his belly, I think he's pretty okay with her! Waiting with bated breath to see if her left ear stands up...

    Allan, I had to laugh about your comment on cooking shows because that is so me. I've tried watching makeup videos, but it's a bit boring for me. But I watch the cooking channel when I work out, lol! Either that or CNBC. People working out with me think I'm bonkers, but at least I'm there!
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  10. I am mostly limited to tpf and a few IG accounts as well. I have watched an occasional music video on You Tube but that is it. Never looked for handbag-type things. I think the target audience is much younger than I. And have way more time on their hands for that type of stuff than I.
  11. OB, I always wonder about income reporting and taxes. I understand eBay reports sales over a certain amount so that helps the Govt keep track. For some reason, tax evasion (of all types and in many countries) doesn't seem to have the same negative connotation as other types of fraud, and I don't know why.
  12. We look up songs on YouTube, too. Here are a couple of silly ones we've watched recently:

    Herman's Hermits - Love this, Herman's feet seem glued to the floor, and they had those "radical" haircuts!

    And this quintessential summer song! :biggrin: When I was a teenager, a cute little girl I babysat for would sing this to me,
    Hello Mother, Hello Father...
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  13. Having fun catching up and learned so much! Sounds like I have threads to read and videos to check out!
  14. Cooking channel to work out! lol that's new :smile:
  15. In the tradition of great headlines like "The Giants win the pennant!" and "The Eagle has landed!" I have the pleasure to announce that Mabel's left ear is upright! It's still a bit tentative-looking, lacking the majestic certitude of the right, but I think we can officially proclaim "chi ears."
    That is all.
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