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  1. Glad you had some helping hands, lulilu. Your GDs are so fortunate to have you in their lives! A shopping day out sounds like fun--but tiring. Be sure not to overdo it!
  2. Thanks Mindi. We had a successful trip. Their idea of gourmet food is ChikFila (sp?) at the food court. A bottle of water sufficed for me lol.
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  3. I hear crickets! Everybody doing okay? I am waiting for spring weather. We're still having grey, wet, unusually cold days around these parts. Phooey.
    Not that I am ready for full-on summer, but, you know, maybe a teeny ray of sunshine? Just a little one? Pleeeeeeez?
  4. Glad to see you Mindi! I am waiting for plants and flowers too. My dogwoods are blooming at least. But cold here too. Grey and miserable.
  5. :sad:
  6. Peeps! I was MIA for a bit--in Nashville for work. What a fun city!!

    I came home to a warm, sunny weekend here, but we have a cold week ahead. Blah! Held off planting my wild flowers (trying to help the bees!).

    How is everyone doing?
  7. Hi, ck! Spring is having a little trouble getting launched all over, it seems. A big hurray for helping bees!
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  8. Hi, popping back in! DS1 had a crazy/good week that had me in the city every day. Some fun things happening but just taking everything day by day. And now he is getting behind again in his schoolwork so we are just home today.

    Ugh it's going to take me an hour to lay out his assignments for him. He needs to finish the semester early so I list all assignments due for the semester and chart them onto a calendar, taking into account his schedule (lessons, rehearsals, etc). I love the program but it is very challenging. But again this is the first year where he has missed none of his education, and has a 95 average.

    Sorry for babbling.....boring, I know! I haven't even had time to really enjoy my new H acquisitions...not exactly bringing my swift pink B (or my new-to-me 28K!) to the rehearsal studios. The black 25B is my new everyday staple, and it's perfect for this stage of my life.
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  9. BBC, that is exciting! Sounds like DS1 is managing to learn and pursue his passion, so good for him, and good for you!
    It's been too quiet here on Chat, so I think it's time for a rant. Allow me:
    Yesterday I called to leave a couple of questions for a doctor. I had recently had some imaging done, and while a nurse had called and discussed the results with me (she was very knowledgeable and very sweet, and she made a point of calling me right away so I wouldn't worry over a weekend, which was lovely of her), but I hadn't touched base with my physician. Well, the receptionist/nurse/whatever she was who answered the phone GRILLED me and SCOLDED me for more than 10 minutes. First, she told me the doctor would NOT call me back. "WE take a message and he tells US what to tell YOU and then WE call you back." Except, no, I've spoken on the phone several times with this physician. He definitely calls patients. That's one of the things I appreciate about him. So, er, wrongo, girlfriend.
    Then she was combing through my chart with me on the phone, even though I hadn't asked her any questions about the chart, and frankly, I didn't want her nose in it. She offered me such useful nuggets of information as, "You had test X on April 13th." Um, yes, yes I did. I was present for that. I remember it well. Then she snapped, "WHO ORDERED THAT TEST?" like I'd stolen it. Er, your boss, the guy I'm calling for? He ordered it. Which is why I'm calling him. Calling him, not you. Then I asked about some medication (Does he think I should be taking Y?) and she barked, "You didn't tell us you were taking Y on your information form!!" No, no I didn't, because (1) I wasn't/am not taking Y at the moment, and (2) who made you the patient accuracy police, bish?
    Seriously, she was astonishing. Ly bad. Astonishingly bad. Obstructive, offensive, rude, and uninformed. I get that many nurses/receptionists/front office personnel have, as part of their brief, the task of monitoring who gets access to their boss and under what circumstances, but come ON! I wasn't demanding that the doctor rush to the phone, just leaving a couple of questions for him for whenever he had time to peruse them. It was ridiculous.
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  10. P.S. Happy ending: My doc did call me back and answer my questions in his usual kind and thoughtful manner. So there's that. But if I get that same chick on the phone again I'm asking for someone else to assist me. Straight up, I don't have time for this nonsense.
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  11. Mindi, you really must tell the doctor about her. He needs to know how she is treating his patients. The way she treated you is really unacceptable and I wouldn't let it go, because it will probably affect his bottom line.
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  12. Mindi, I agree that it is nonsense. Why do women (usually women) who work in medical offices treat patients like PIA idiots? I had one school me three times regarding what she perceived as a mistake by me. Um, I understood it the first time. After that, I was giving her the STFU look. I tried to tell myself she truly is the idiot, which explains her behavior but it is annoying as hell.
    BBC, you are such a devoted mom. The homeschooling sounds like a mountain of work for you, in addition to all the trips into the city for classes, etc.
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  13. I did mention the experience to my doctor, who sounded astonished and made noises about "looking into it"--and maybe he will. I was also thinking about actually going by the office and talking to the office manager (who, please God, is not this same gal). Not to get her into trouble or extract my pound of flesh, but in the spirit BBC invokes, which is "I know you don't want your patients to experience this; it's not the way this office truly is." Because if that conversation had been my FIRST contact with this practice, it also would have been my last.
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  14. Hey everyone!
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  15. I think we've all had experience with nasty/incompetent medical office staff. Mindi, I think you handled it well. You definitely needed to say something to the doctor.

    I need to make some doctor and testing appointments. I've been putting them off. Things like a baseline bone density scan. My doctor wants to be sure my bones can take the lifting I'm doing.

    I'm squatting with 72.5lbs and deadlifting 145. I did a new deadlift today to help my technique. I lift the barbell slightly, like an inch or two off the ground, pause for two seconds and then complete lift. And if anyone says strength training is not cardio, I'll smack 'em. Cause I dare you to walk a hundred yards with one 44lb kettle bell in each hand and not get your heart pounding. I am almost ready to start bench pressing too. My coach said that once I complete my pre-training, I'll start at 100lbs.

    I went to a competive lifting meet this weekend just for kicks and giggles. People at my gym did really well. The strongest guy in the gym squatted 700lbs. It was amazing. That's more than me, my DH, DS and DD weigh. My nutrition coach bettered his lifts by 50lbs each which is huge. I took videos of everyone. I showed DD the guy doing the 700lb lift; she asked if he had a girlfriend, LOL.