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  1. it was 3:30 on Saturday, today I slept in till 8 just part of my job when I have certain projects.

    going to my Easter Soul Cycle class where the eggs are filled with Smart Water I'm sure, haha
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  2. Happy Easter and Passover everyone!
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  3. Happy Easter and Passover too!

    Last night I went to the Caps game. I'm NOT happy with the outcome. They lost in double overtime. I love the Caps and they have a GREAT team this year. It's just that they have a HORRIBLE history with the playoffs. Even with earplugs is was L O U D !!! They gave out mini cowbells to everyone. The sound was over 90 decibels for most of the game.
  4. Mini cowbells? Yikes.
  5. I would be found by the post-game janitorial crew, curled under my seat in the stands, making high-pitched mewling noises. I do NOT do well with sustained loudness.
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  6. I'm all about earplugs for things like that - Monster Truck Jam, spin classes, rock concerts etc.
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  7. I always keep a pair of those spongy earplugs in my purse, just in case I encounter a high-decibel situation, pursey!
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  8. I carry earplugs too. I had extras so I gave a pair to DH and to a nice Caps fan sitting next to me. I am pooped today and I have to do a workout and do some work.

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  9. I"m right there with you on the sustained loud noises thing. The more time passes, the more I love the sweet sound of peace and silence.
  10. Sorry about your head lulilu...the staples must have hurt when they were put in too!
    The new converse are great, EB!
    Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Been so busy the past few days with DS and dil and twins. The twins ar young but soooooooooo busy. A good exhaustion though.
  11. My Easter was very nice, but tiring. DDs and DS did much of the clean up and some of the prep. We also celebrated my nephew's birthday, so there was so much sweet dessert. Leftovers abound.
    GDs are home from school and I promised to take them shopping. This warm weather calls for shorts and they are growing like mad.
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  12. Glad you had some helping hands, lulilu. Your GDs are so fortunate to have you in their lives! A shopping day out sounds like fun--but tiring. Be sure not to overdo it!
  13. Thanks Mindi. We had a successful trip. Their idea of gourmet food is ChikFila (sp?) at the food court. A bottle of water sufficed for me lol.
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  14. I hear crickets! Everybody doing okay? I am waiting for spring weather. We're still having grey, wet, unusually cold days around these parts. Phooey.
    Not that I am ready for full-on summer, but, you know, maybe a teeny ray of sunshine? Just a little one? Pleeeeeeez?
  15. Glad to see you Mindi! I am waiting for plants and flowers too. My dogwoods are blooming at least. But cold here too. Grey and miserable.
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