**Hermes Chat**

  1. Glad you're enjoying the strength training, its so transformative. I need to get back to lifting a few days a week at home.

    I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better, just getting diagnosed with Celiac and avoiding gluten made me feel instantly better and so many things that plagued me like headaches, joint pain, insomnia etc went away when I got healthier. And exercise does make you feel good.

    Love the chucks, I had a pair of Nikes made in similar colors to the H Miles gray/fauve combo as I just can't justify two pairs of H sneakers!
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  2. Remember when we talked about not making any major appearance changes due to the astrological forecast? Well, I'm afraid I've taken my hair color update too far. It's a bit lighter than I've normally done, my stylist was inspired by all the rose gold jewelry I've been wearing so it's got more coppery tones to it than I've had in the past. I loved it yesterday, today I'm feeling that thing where I might regret it and hopefully I'll love it again soon.

    I'm used to having more cool/deep undertones and this is more warm/light than I'm used to seeing. It doesn't wash me out but I do feel like I need to warm up some of my makeup. I rarely get sun intentionally but I do always get a little color in the warmer months. If I really hate it in another week my colorist says we can glaze it down a little more. DH likes it which is unusual for him, he always wants me to look the exact same. This pic was a little awkward to take and forgive the messiness as I got up at 3:30 and I get ready in the dark :p

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  3. I think the highlights look well-done, MrsO, but the ultimate question of whether you feel it suits your complexion is, of course, a more complex matter. I say live with it a bit longer, definitely, and see if you settle into it. It's nice that your stylist is open to toning it down if you choose--rather than, "Your hair is my masterpiece. IT MUST NOT BE CHANGED!" :p
  4. I will, I'm super busy this week and can't get it changed if I want to anyway. I also think the pic is a little brighter/shows more contrast but it's also really hard to be objective when it's your own head.

    My stylist is great, she would never be a snooty artiste about it. And I do love the cut she gave me, long bob with slightly shorter than normal bangs. I'm sure by the end of the week I'll be fine, I'm just afraid of angering the planets!
  5. As you should be! LIVE BY THE STARS, BAYBEE! :biggrin:
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  6. These are soooo cool, EB!!!
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  7. I think it looks really good!
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  8. I am doing an easy dinner -- ham and a potato dish, green vegetables. My DDs and sister will pitch in. She has changed her mind yet again and is coming tonight since they've managed to line up another dog sitter. I love my sister dearly and miss seeing her all the time in NY. I will be exhausted by tomorrow night, but can relax as much as I want.
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  9. EB, do the converse have elastic at the heels so there is no need to tie and untie them. That is very handy. (I am so lazy that my slip on shoes -- loafers, mocassins, sandals, etc. get way more use than those that need to be tied. Love the colors.
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  10. I absolutely love how this looks, MrsB---the different shades and subtleties, to my eye, are beautiful and quite interesting!
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  11. Yes, the have elastic backs so they are slip ons. The custom ones are just $75 a pair. A bargain when you compare them to anything Hermes.
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  12. Yes, the have elastic backs so they are slip ons. The custom ones are just $75 a pair. A bargain when you compare them to anything Hermes.
  13. Geez, you have beautiful thick hair. The highlights look fine to me. But it would be how the highlights look with your complexion, eye color, etc. So it is up to you.
    Getting up at 3:30 am. oh, man.
  14. Oh, and I fit into my size 28 jeans today. I am a happy girl.
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  15. 3:30 am on Easter Sunday. That's inhumane.
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