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  1. I did a search about the price thread and found some discussions in this thread from a couple pages back!

    I was also using that thread and finding it a little unorganized, but the info is really super useful. I think the main reason is that a forum thread is not the most suitable format for a price chart. Rather if it were say a shared spread sheet that people just update the corresponding data box it would be much easier. That being said, no idea what is the best tool to start such a thing and what are the ways to authorize or restrict access to it (for example, Google spreadsheet I think doesn't allow for password protected sharing, if you share as link you have to make it that everyone who gets the link has access).
  2. Girl it sounds like these mothers you are talking about have a little jealousy from your posh, fashionable ensemble. Plus, you added that you shop at Saks, they immediately go on fight not flight syndrome. "Oh this girl is rich" is probably what's going on in their minds. So they try to minimize and self deprecate and say they shop at Marshalls and in order for you to baby them. I say let it go. Every person has their own passion for something. You have passion for fashion and not everyone will understand that. Just like how I don't understand why some people buy expensive paintings. That's crazy.
    TO EACH HIS OWN. We don't owe people explanation, especially to those people who have no fashion sense or affinity to it all. Nobody wins. That irritates me. I would have slapped them.
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  3. I can empathize, and find sometimes those kinds of encounters are good social “tune-ups” for me. Sometimes it takes a weird exchange to remind me that people don’t always need answers to their questions. I only end up annoying myself trying to discuss or explain things they don’t understand or care about anyway. I’ve decided that (your evening for example) instead of explaining why I value quality and service to someone who cares only about price and convenience (or whatever) it’s useful to deflect queries about my things or habits with my own questions—What do you like about Kohl’s? What is your favorite thing to buy at Marshall’s? What is the best deal you ever found?—Then everyone is happy. They are happy because they get to talk about themselves, which is what most people want to do anyway. :chatty: They think I’m a brilliant conversationalist because I encourage them to talk to their heart’s content, and I sometimes learn something I didn’t know. At a minimum, I don’t leave a party with that surreal feeling that I’ve said too much but not connected at all, or opened my personal life/decisions to comment from acquaintances.
  4. GREAT idea!!!
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  5. Does anyone know when fall winter clothes and shoes arrive to stores? Everything is still
    Pre fall on the site
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  6. Can somebody tell me what a meme is? I looked it up but the answer wasn't clear. I gather it is a cultural symbol, like the rainbow on some H scarves (and many other places) is an affirmation of inclusiveness. If that's a meme, fine, but in general I don't know what they are.
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  7. Thank you -Excellent suggestions!
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  8. This really is a great suggestion/reminder.

    EB--your style is fabulous. Don't ever doubt it!
  9. Apropos of absolutely nothing, has anyone ever tried washing dry clean only wool pants? I’ve always just dry cleaned my pants like a good direction-following girl but now I’m wondering—since I’ve gone wild and now wash my H silks and cashmere sweaters—what happens with pants? The ones I’m thinking of trying are wide-leg trousers, unlined, mostly merino, maybe 8% cashmere and 2% polyester (for stretch). Any thoughts?
  10. I'm not a regular contributor to this chat thread, but I want to say that your posts are informative and your enjoyment of fashion and beautiful accessories comes across in them. It does sound like this was a weird encounter that crossed into an "overly familiar" territory. There are beautifully tailored t-shirts that are better made than many suiting separates that are of lesser quality.

    I know dedicated shoppers who can find great pieces regardless of store and price point, but it takes time and energy. I'm surprised those ladies questioned your choice of outfit.
  11. How expensive were the pants? How much do you love them? How easily could they be replaced?

    I would not try this with expensive pants or any that I truly treasured. There is a big difference between washing a wool/cashmere KNIT than a woven fabric. Personally, I would not try this. But then I'm not a big risk taker.
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  12. Lol! Well, I guess it wouldn’t be the end of the world if something tragic happened to them, but in the interest of adventure, I’d like it to turn out well, and I’m trying to do less dry cleaning overall to reduce chemicals etc. I’m wondering what would make unlined pants significantly different from a sweater? Do you suppose it’s just the weave? As you say, knit vs. woven?
  13. Read this:
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  14. Gracious! That’s quite something isn’t it? My pants are just normal wool as far as I know but they certainly make a convincing argument against buying washable treated wool.
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