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  1. I love globes but at this price, I’d rather fly around the globe:P
  2. Good point
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  3. eb, oh my yes they are! I visit her site occasionally to enjoy the “eye candy”. :amazed:
    Not to hijack the thread, but do you have a “lucky bag” to carry to the Nationals’ games, who are hopefully on their way to the Series?
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  4. CSS, I am BAD LUCK. So I don’t watch.

    And I am more of a hockey fan now. But I wish the Nats luck. It’s so ironic that they get to the World Series directly after getting rid of Harper. I am NOT a Harper fan.
  5. In our household, one person (not me) gets in a very ticked-off mood if it looks like they will lose. I am so glad they made it to the World Series. In our household, Steelers games are also an edge-of-your-seat phenomenon. Same bad mood if they lose.
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  6. eagle, it’s a nationwide problem, . I live on the other side of the country and the Giants and Niners were an influence on how happy the resident fan was on a given day or evening. Kids and grandkids have inherited the trait. My interest in the Nationals is related to having known someone for 35 years who works for the team.
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  7. I've manage to accumulate a nice collection of scarves from Hermes, in silk and cashmere. I'd love to wear them more often, but there is a silly thing holding me back: fear of damaging my scarves with makeup and skin care. :-s Unfortunately, the skin on my neck is super dry so I often use a little heavier creams, which means no scarves very close to the neck area.

    How do you others balance this?
  8. I wanted to show someone what the color gold in Hermes leather looked like but it doesn't seem to come up in the reference thread on H leathers in brown or in orange/yellow. Where could I find it?
  9. EB;, congrats on the gold birkin. Could you post a pix so I could show someone what H gold leather looks like? I couldn't find gold in the reference threads, amazingly. TIA
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  11. Could you wear them over outerwear (like a coat in winter) or when you wear a high necked top or turtleneck? Then you would not have to worry about direct skin contact. You could also experiment with wearing drapes over your shoulders. Some even wear as a bolero.
  12. IMG_0490.jpg
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  13. I'd like your thoughts on an encounter I had at an engagement party I went to last weekend. It was an informal affair; dressing polished was appropriate..

    DH and I went to the Washington Ballet earlier in the day. I wore Mother jeans, black Vince tee, Brunello Cuchinelli cardigan, boots and some Van Cleef rose gold Alhambra and Perlee pieces on. I looked good. The monli beading on my cardigan was rose gold colored and matched the Van Cleef. I think about what I wear to coordinate looks. It's something I care about. I like to look stylish.

    I approached two friends, they were talking about one woman's son — a very talented singer/actor auditioning on Broadway amongst other locales. He got a hold of his scorecard and found out he needed to up his game style wise. So we got into a discussion on clothes and style. The women said, "Look at you!" (meaning me)! You are just wearing a black tee shirt!!! They were admiring my style in a zoo-animal sort of way.

    They asked me where I shop. I said " Saks." "Why do you shop THERE!!!" I said I like the quality and service. I understand tailoring and quality. So, I don't shop in places like Marshalls or Kohls, the places where they said they shop. These women are both practicing attorneys, so I know they have money, if they choose to spend it. They asked me whether I think about how I dress when I pick out clothes. I said yes.

    I build my wardrobe around my jewelry and handbags. I've put too much of an investment in these pieces to do otherwise.

    It was just a weird, weird encounter. I hope I did not come across as snobby. I was merely stating my views factually. If you know good tailoring and craftsmanship, it's hard to purchase poorly made items. Whenever I have purchased something at Marshalls, it ends up being donated to a clothing drive shortly thereafter. It's a waste of my money.

    I own some inexpensive clothes from Target. They occupy a useful space in my wardrobe. They are just not things I wear when I want to look my best, e.g. party clothes.
  14. I think you indirectly or directly got some of the flake Meryl Streep got when she wore a black tee shirt to the Oscars. Tee shirts can jolt peoples' fashion conscientiousness: What's going on here? I rather admire her for the tee. I mean, what's wrong with it? Is it always necessary to dress according to the "rules," gawd, how boring.

    (I have insomnia, that's why I am replying now).
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  15. Anyone know the available colors for SS2020?