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  1. So true. You have good ideas! :smile: I bought a B35 Clemence recently and was surprised to see there was no price for that already entered. Also, these are H boutique prices correct? Does everyone know that? Sometimes the prices seem inconsistent even allowing for currency differences etc.
  2. I think it is understood that they are retail boutique prices (as opposed to resellers). I have not noticed any inconsistencies recently, but also haven’t been looking for that specifically. I think what we have is a great effort and as H continues to offer new bags and expand on the current lines we will need more and more community participation to keep the knowledge base well sourced.
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    It is definitely a help and “How much is___?” Seems to be one of the most asked questions. :smile:The H clubhouse forum could be a good place for prices. Maybe the H Clubhouse needs a Birkin Clubhouse that the the various B threads could go under. I don’t know if that would be easier or harder. There are so many threads though, it might be nice if they fell under broad subs. Then B prices could go on a sticky in the B clubhouse, K prices in the K clubhouse etc. Lol! It’s a little bit like trying to figure out how to pour sidewalks where people actually walk, not where they “ought” to walk. That’s a science in itself!
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  4. I've been summoned, I see. :wave: I haven't looked at the pricing thread in a long while, as it tends to raise my BP with how disorderly it is. :doh: I clean it up and then it just gets messy again that I've stopped trying.

    I don't think extra threads are necessary. I think more importantly, ppl shouldn't be adding prices for items that are already on the list UNLESS there's a pricing change in that particular currency. Otherwise it just adds to it being unwieldy. I also personally find it irrelevant to create extra sections for seasonal bags, e.g., Touch bags. They can be added to the existing designs just indicating Touch - type of leather and pricing. The thread is limited by characters and these additional sections takes up precious unnecessary characters.

    While the thread might be long, a quick keyword search can bring up the price of items that one is interested in. That said, I've often been told that I'm too tech savvy/advanced, so... :shrugs: I've toyed with the idea of creating a tutorial on how to do a search on the forum since many members aren't familiar with the function but just haven't gotten around to it. :-s
  5. Dear everyone, last time i saw a list of dates code, stamp off a year, but now I cannot find it, does anyone can help me?
  6. Yes please, a tutorial would be handy, :biggrin:
    I’m tech savvy enough but this site can be a bit challenging, that said I’ll take it over the old timey alternatives any day.
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  7. Hello everyone,
    I just wondering how many of you , do have more then one picotin and don’t have any B’s or K’s ? .

  8. I have TWO PM Picotin but I also do have two Kelly's. I'm not presently using my Kelly's for day to day wear anymore due to weight as I'm also carrying supplementary oxygen. My PM Pictotins are perfect - hold everything I truly need and are very light weight.
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  9. Tq , I know B’s & K’s are the most sought after bags but I think Lindy or Picotins suit me better . I just want to know is it weird to have more then 1 picotin
  10. It's not more "weird" than having multiple Birkins or Kellys! My two suit me very well and I like having multiple colors.
  11. Has anyone purchased the Odyesse Globe? I collect globes and my SA says one is available now...

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  12. Hello :smile: not sure where to ask this so I thought I’d start here- I am interested in knowing what styles the colour mauve sylvestre come in (hoping or mini evelyne or mini K). Where could one find out this info apart from the SA? Thank you!
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  13. Yes to mini K, I don’t think so for the evelyne TPM. I believe mauve Sylvestre was a seasonal color from last spring so it should be nearing the end of its run, in theory.
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  14. HUGE DISCLAIMER: I have no idea if these items are authentic, but they are easily checked out by using an Authenticator before purchasing. If you go on eBay and enter "Hermes Mauve Sylvestre" in the Search bar, a page of items including Azap Silk in Wallets, Kelly 20 bags, Constance, Picotin, and a Constance wallet will appear. I did check one of the Kelly bags and the seller is JaneFinds, a seller I know is used by some tpf members. She might be able to help you find something in particular, or know if it is even available.
    Hope this gives you a start, the hunt is part of the fun!
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  15. Though JaneFinds bags appear to be real, the prices are astronomical.
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