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  1. We should start a wine thread of our favorites!
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  2. I'm unsure of where to ask this so I'll try here. It's a question about the red H colour Rouge Piment.

    I'd like to find two Bastias, one in hot pink and one in a real red (preferably more berry red than orangey like Rouge de Coeur, but not wine/brownish etc). After hours of scrolling on this forum, I thought either Rouge Vif or Rouge Cascaque would be perfect. But they are not available on the H website and haven't been for the many many months now that I've stalked the EU sites.

    But Rouge Piment is!!! And I really really want to buy something if only just a little something as I haven't had a wish list item/holy grail fix for months now :lol: Could someone who knows these H reds please help and sort out these three reds for me. Is Rouge Piment similar to Rouge Casaque/Rouge Vif but just a bit darker/more berry, like it looks in most photos here and on the H website? Or is it a dark chili red, like the name pimiento would suggest?

    On the website the Rouge Piment Bastia is made in veau Madame.
  3. Also, are there two different reds with similar names, "Rouge Piment" and "Rouge Pigment", or is there just some spelling confusion and they're the same colour, Rouge Piment?
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  4. Did you check out the red reference thread: https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/red-color-family-pics-only.100920/page-25#post-33338540
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  5. Thank you, lulilu! Actually, I couldn't hold out any longer :rolleyes: :lol: so I just purchased the Rouge Piment Bastia earlier tonight.

    I spent a long time today going through a lot of pics and descriptions of Rouge Piment here and my impression from this is that it's perfect. Hopefully it is irl as well *praying emoji* (why isn't there one?! Online shopping demands one :yes: )

    (Have to add Hermès online shopping customer service is fantastic. So quick, delivery at the door, return pick up at the door (the Magnolia I bought last week) - at no added cost.)
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  6. #16611 Sep 26, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019
    :pray: Pray is in “help” at the bottom of the page.

    Congratulations it is a beautiful red, definitely not dark. It is a clean, medium red that leans warmish rather than coolish but it is absolutely red.
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  7. Thank you, Etriers :smile:

    I'm hoping it gets here today! I so want to love it as I've wanted a Bastia in a perfect red for over a year now.
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  8. The Rouge Piment Bastia arrived but it has a dark mark on the outer leather. It's the look of as if the leather was painted and someone missed a spot. The colour is gorgeous but I'll risk getting on the fussy buyer list and return it. I just can't unsee it now.

    I'll probably wait to buy again until I can get to an H store. There are a couple of other items I'd like to have a look at anyway, like the Carmen Uno-Dos and the Clic Mini Card holder. Thank you for the Rouge Piment advice, Etriers and lulilu.
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  9. How odd that an H item should have a mark on it like you describe. Quality control must have been at lunch. You're making the right decision to unload it.
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  10. Thank you :smile: Though I don't want to put any blame on Hermès, I think that spot could have slipped by as it was very close to the upper edge of the Bastia and small. In normal light it was visible, when I took it out to look at in strong sunlight, it wasn't visible because the whole Bastia became sort of "shiny". Someone else probably wouldn't have cared but I just couldn't unsee it once I noticed it.

    Also, I bought it from their website and they have a very generous return policy, 30 days free return. Door to door. So I can not complain. I think I'll just go have a look in an H store myself as soon as I can get to one. It would be interesting to see a bit more of their leathers and colours.
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  11. I’m so sorry to hear that you had to return it. (Now you’ll get in all kinds of trouble going to the H store. :biggrin: ) I’m glad you found a red you like though and it will be fun to see others in person side-by-side. :heart:
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  12. Does anyone think it might be beneficial to divide up the Pricing thread into multiple threads in 2020? For example; a BKC thread, a Lindy/Verrou/Roulis thread, etc.. I’m wondering if we might get more participation if it were easier to update.
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  13. I think this is a great idea!
  14. Lol! Aargh, it’s such a mess. Why do you think it isn’t working? Is it that people aren’t participating or is it that somehow the entered prices aren’t getting transposed into the updates? :thinking:
  15. It’s just so long that it’s a hassle which probably turns some people off from adding to it. I know I’ve attempted to update it before and got frustrated and had to come back at another time to try again. I mean, I don’t think it needs to be updated unless the price you are adding is actually new/different than one previously entered but even still it’s so long just with the unique entries. It’s also difficult to navigate especially if the item you are searching for isn’t near the top of the list. Perhaps the stickied thread could be a single post with links to the individual threads which could be created and live somewhere in the Reference Library section? Just thinking on the spot here... wouldn’t mind hearing @Meta opinion as she has initiated the thread in years past. :smile:
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