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  1. Hi ladies! Do you know if the RTW sometimes get reduced at the end of the season? Saw
    Something in a boutique today that I like as a present...but it’s not urgent. Would love to get your input thank you!
  2. surfer,
    My store never puts anything on sale. It all gets consolidated in NY and there's a sale there or in LA.
    Many, many years ago, individual stores used to have sales.

    BUT, if your store is a franchise store, there may be different rules.
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  3. Anya Hindmarch had fur straps like this.
    IMG_4782.jpg IMG_4783.jpg
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  4. The top picture is fox, the bottom looks like rabbit, not mink. If you plan to spend a lot of money and use it for a long time you might want to avoid fur. They won’t wear as well as leather.
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  5. Hello ladies, i will take a chance to ask this question here. This willbe Hermes for dummies question ok? So, I know nothing about Hermes but I want to switch from Chanel to H. But I see all these talks of SO and priority listing etc. How does it work if I would like to get a kelly 25? And how much does it go for today? Under 8k? Anyone willing to educate me on the subject?
    Also I am in South Orange County, CA. Do you know any SAs in Costa Mesa that you could refer so I could stop by at the store and chat with?

    Thank you so much :heart:
  6. D05034F5-960F-4840-AFA3-229FBFD478C0.jpeg
    Thanks for your reply!

    Just curious if anyone has bought Hermes for their other half? Fiancé tried this white linen blazer on and looked good on him but not sure how the white will hold up over time. The tailoring is amazing though. What do you ladies think? Yes or no?
  7. Thanks and wise words. It wouldn't be used to often. I think I'll get a mink one (a fur I love the feel of).
  8. It's like she is always one step ahead (of me at least).... Jamie Chua with a mink one. Credit @hermes_addictions on Instagram.

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  9. I, for one, would never buy my DH a white linen blazer because he’s not careful. In the past, I’ve bought himHermes shirts and ties and they have held up well.

    But if your fiancé is fastidious, then go for it. But like anything white, it’s one red wine, pasta or soy sauce away from disaster.
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  10. I think a brown chinchilla strap would look better with a himalaya Kelly...
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  11. Regular or sheared mink? Hmmm this is giving me ideas. Imagine a customized sheared mink handle, longer than necessary with an opening along the side for placement over the handle so that when on it looks a little shirred or ruffled (cafe curtain rod). The image in my mind looks fab but the reality is that it might be too bulky to work.....
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  12. Jaime Chua makes me roll my eyes, but for some reason, I LOVE this outfit.
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  13. EB, that's because it's tulle! :smile:
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  14. The outfit is sexy yet tasteful. I perused the pop-up on celebrity dressing for the VMA. OMG. Those women were truly on "display." :shocked:
  15. #16275 Feb 4, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
    Under the heading of “Am I really old and out of touch”
    I just received the Barney’s catalog. I love looking at the pictures, especially the jewelry. Can you ladies tell me why anyone should spend $5,650 and $7,000 for marijuana shaped earrings in malachite, gold and diamonds or white gold, pearl and diamonds? Or the Piece de Resistance, $1750 for a single earring in YG and pave diamonds spelling out the F-bomb?

    I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

    OK, you want to have a little joke. Do it with costume jewelry that you pay $5 and can throw away when you regain your senses.

    And kids, stay off my lawn....