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  1. Let me chime in to give my best wishes to CG too. Hope you have some help with the snow too. We got lots in DC.
  2. Evening all, please may I ask peoples opinions on this idea?? This I saw on an IG account and I was thinking could this strap be created? Surely with a nice strip of mink it would be so easy. I have been told you can get strips of mink like this from Etsy but I can't find any. I thunk it looks really nice on the Evelyn.

    So, where can I get a nice piece of mink?
    Do you like the idea?

    Thank You x IMG_20190120_130200_714.jpg
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  3. Flip- There is an Etsy shop called "YarnMagicArt" that stocks mink strips in multiple colors, 90 cm length or almost a yard.
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  4. I like the idea. But I would still want the cross body strap too.
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  5. I also think you can make something with scarf wraps and a maxi twilly too. I have a MaiTai fur scarf. Let me see what I can do tomorrow.
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  6. Thank you, I have just looked at it and they are very well priced but actually the strips I fear might be too thin. I have come across a furrier who can make then with more substantial strips (a wider piece of fur basically) for £75 ($90 approx). I'll keep looking but I might go with the expert rather than trust my crafty "skills".
    Good luck, the Maitai scarves were really special indeed. Let us know what you find.
  7. I think its super cute!
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  8. Helloooooo, Peeps! :heart:
    Very, very sorry I worried you with my disappearing act and thank you all so much for being the caring and loyal friends you are. I was really moved to see that my absence was noticed!
    All is fine chez Mindi. Just taking a bit of a breather from, well--lots of things! But I am well, as are Mr. Mindi and the dawgz. My parents are status quo, which I will happily accept.
    CG, doggone it, that must have been an awful fall. Relieved to read that you won't need any surgery and are healing. But sheesh, cut that out! Can't leave you guys alone for a minute. :P
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  9. Glad to hear things are fine chez Mindi. You were definitely missed. (((Hugs)))

    Wry wit, doggie posts and pics please. :hugs:
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  10. It is so nice to see you back and get an update, Mindi! I am hoping you stick around for a while.
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  11. Mindi! :heart::yahoo::happydance:
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  12. So happy you came to explain- a break, that’s good. I was worried something more serious.❤️
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  13. NOW the year can get rolling, Welcome "Home" Mindi!
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  14. Glad you’re back, Mindi. Even though I don’t check the chat some days, I always go back and read what I missed. Definitely enjoy hearing from all of you.
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  15. Thanks everyone. I looked at that shop on Etsy but the mink looked too thin. I spotted this on IG, are mink straps going to become popular??

    @panthere_instyle Screenshot_20190126_144358.jpg Screenshot_20190126_144311.jpg
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